It is healed in Bali.I love Ubud!

I went to Bali for the first time about 20 years ago.It was a free one without sightseeing in the package tour.It was a very normal trip for four nights and six days.After that, I never thought I'd be able to repeat it this much.

At first, it was a resort hotel by the sea to choose from among the package tours, but the first thing that interested me in Bali was in the mountains of Ubud, so I had to use a car.So I asked the hotel for a car charter and took my own one-day tour.I really liked Ubud, so I booked a small place to stay in Ubud and stayed at a resort in the mountains.During my stay, I went to Ubud to explore other places and try to stay here next time, or search on the internet.At that time, it was a time when the shop was closed here and there at eight o'clock, so dinner was often finished early.To the hotel staff, where is everyone's favorite shop?I heard that, and was taken with me.Take-out, in Bali, it is called the Bunx, but you can also take it away.Ubud is a great place to bring because I like the hotel that is not a luxurious hotel life but is balinese even if there is a little inconvenience.Nevertheless, I thought security was important, so I tried to stay with myself because I was a foreign country.

If you're new to car charters, we recommend it.I think that it is good to pick up the place where you want to go by the guidebook in advance, and to decide the route by consulting with a local guide.There is also Bottakuri in the net, so I think you can understand the information and the rough amount of money in advance on the net, I think that preparation is important.In addition, I think that there is something useful, such as the word of mouth of a friend who has been to you and a Japanese acquaintance living in Bali.My recent recommendation was Gili Island.I was impressed by such a beautiful sea after a long time because it was a beautiful sea even if I looked at the sea of blue green, and the mountain school.Snorkeling was also a challenge after a long time, and i chased sea turtles and fish.Because I tan, sunscreen is essential, but i guess it will be muri for the person of the fair life.In the evening, there are irumbacar stalls along the beach, and you'll be very happy with fresh seafood and bintan beer!On the way back, i was able to pull in a massage shop, and i had a tired body relax at a reasonable price negotiation.It is a souvenir, but i always buy ginger bon candy as a souvenir of the company.Japanese ginger is more spicy, and it's good for your throat.Also, the mini size of Sambal.If you go back to Japan and put this out, everyone will be happy.

After all, grab, Gojek.It is convenient enough not to be able to put it on the means of transportation.If you don't want to ride on the back of a bike, you should choose a car, but the bike is cheaper and faster.Bali has few public means of transportation, so it's a good amount of money to travel alone if you ask for a car.So, it became convenient after it was able to grab it.By the way, the motorcycle rental is active, but it is an accident responsibility when i have an accident because it is unlicensed.Useful goods, Tapper.Because the insect and the ant come if i eat it for a moment and leave it, I put it in the tapper and put it in the refrigerator.It will not be necessary if it is not a long stay.I'll bring the tick sheet.I put it in the edge of the bed and ask the cleaning staff not to throw this away.Balinese people seem to mind, but Japanese people are often treated by ticks.I always buy mosquito repellent and injection-type shoes locally, especially since mosquito control measures are also important.

Bali is a tropical island, but summer in the Japanese city is tighter.It is cool in the morning and evening during the dry season, so long sleeves are necessary.I especially stay in the mountains, so I'll be careful not to catch a cold, such as a trainer that's fairly thick.I think that the vicinity is different according to the individual though the stomach has not been broken because the immunity is strong.It's cheap and tasty and recommended, but please try it at your own risk.Depending on the location, such as the night market, Sanur is full of tourists, so I think it's relatively safe.Japanese women have it!Kind, cute, balinese man thinks so.But I know you're rich behind the scenes.Balinese women, Westerners, Korean Chinese, japanese women are thought to be kind because they are quite strong, but the unpleasant thing is NOI think that it is good to be able to say clearly.Also, be sure to count again on your own money changi.Even if you count me in front of me in a safe shop, I will always count it myself.It became mutual trust, and when i exchanged it at the same store next time, it remembered, and it came again.I also have a very simple conversation.I think Balinese are very good at remembering people.It might be a factor that the person who has happened once stops, and such a friendly cousin repeats.