Enjoy flowers bath and Balinese massage in Bali!

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Speaking of Insta-shine in Bali, Indonesia, it is a flower bath that is healed by a bath with full of flowers.
What is a flower bath? What kind of flowers are you using? What effect does it have on your skin? Are you going in a couple? Information about flower baths.
At the end, i’ll show you a spa where you can enjoy such a flower bath.

What kind of flowers are there?What kind of flowers do you use?

Flowers vary from spa to spa, but many spas are the kind of flowers called “Bunga pacar air” in the Balinese language. Bunga is a flower, pacar is a lover, air is water, that is, “lover flower of water”. What a nice flower!
The English name is Rose balsam, the academic name is Impatiens balsamina, and the Japanese name is Housenka.
There are many kinds of Rose balsam flowers, Bali is the tropical climate, and it is used because it is strong in water, colorful and it is easy to design a flower bath.

In addition, the type of flower called “Gumitir plant” is used in the Balinese word. The English name is marigold, the academic name is Tagetes, and the Japanese name is Marigold.
This is also strong in water, and it is often used for flower baths because it has a bright color with large petals. It is also often used for religious events in Bali.

Marigold used in flower bath

What are the effects and damage to your skin?

The flowers used in the flower bath give a relaxation effect with a gentle aroma and appearance. The effect on the skin is in the hot water of the bath. Because Milk powder and aroma oil are put, it makes the skin smooth, and because there is a moisturizing effect, the skin after the bath becomes moist compared with other types of baths. Of course, there is no damage.

What should I do when I take a picture?

It is convenient to take a bathing suit. Treatments can also be enjoyed in swimsuits, and they are also useful for taking pictures. Before the treatment, tell them to take a picture at the spa reception and the staff will be happy to take care of you. At that time, the light of the room can be taken beautifully by lightening it.

Can you join a couple or a friend?

Even a couple can enter at the same time.The rooms are completely private.There are many packages with treatments such as Balinese massages, but when the massage is over, the staff leaves the room and becomes a private room completely alone.The room also has a bell to call the staff, so if you want to call the staff, ring the bell and you will come to your room immediately.Just in case, you may want to enter the flower bath in the same room at the time of booking.

Surprise to lovers and friends is OK!

It’s great if you can surprise yourself while traveling abroad, even if it’s easy in Japan.
“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” with flowers on the flower bath And you can design and celebrate with a surprise!Or , “MARRY ME?” You can also propose.However, i can’t write Japanese, so it’s only in English.
If you want to ask the flower bath at the time of booking, you are ok.The reservation line, it is reliable because it can also be conveyed in Japanese.There is no special charge.

The name of the spa where you can enjoy the flower bath is Seminyak Royal Spa.

The location is seminyak area.This spa is famous for its traditional entrance to the fashionable city.The friendly staff will welcome you with a smile and respond to your request.All therapists have government-approved qualifications, so treatment techniques are reliable.It is also featured in guidebooks on how to walk the earth, and is loved by many travelers.

Suddenly, how do you choose a spa?

The spa of the luxury hotel is luxurious and the price is high.
On the other hand, the technology is not good when the facilities are dirty, and the therapist sits in front of the shop in the cheap spa seen in the town.Of course, the price is very low.

Seminyak Royal Spa has three concepts.

The facilities are not luxurious but clean.
high technical skills by qualified therapist.
And the price is reasonable.

First, let’s objectively look at the reputation of Seminyak Royal Spa.

Traditional architectural entrance

Word of mouth and reputation



Seminyak Royal Spa
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中山 美香
中山 美香
05:08 15 Aug 19
他国では行ったことがありましたが、バリでは初めてのスパでした!バリニーズマッサージがどのようなものか、痛めのマッサージだったらどうしよう…なんて少し緊張してスパに訪れましたが、スタッフの皆様がとても親切で、気さくに話しかけてくださるので、... 緊張もいつの間にかほどけていましたし、とてもいい時間を過ごせました!ホテルに備え付けのスパなどに比べて、お値段もそこまで高くないので、自分へのご褒美としてこちらに足を運ぶのもおすすめできます!read more
06:45 12 Aug 19
05:45 10 Aug 19
街スパってお安いから、どこかしら(スタッフの対応・施術の腕・室内の清潔さ)欠けているのでは・・・なんて思い込んでましたが、Seminyak Royal... Spaを訪れて、全て欠けていない完璧な街スパもあるんだ!と驚きましたΣ(・□・;)マッサージも心地良いんですが、他の皆さんも書いているように、スタッフさんが皆様感じが良いので、その点でも癒されるんですよね。スタッフさんの魅力に惹かれてリピートしている人も多い街スパだと思います。read more
05:05 08 Aug 19
10:35 07 Aug 19
バリ島のクタ地区に行くことがあれば、ぜひ訪れてみてください!癒しのひとときが過ごせること間違いなしだと思います☆彡 こちらのスパは、日本語で事前に予約できるので、英語が得意じゃないから…なんて思ってる人でも安心です!
05:06 31 May 19
値段安くてびっくりしました!!安いからそれほど施術の方はよくないのかなと思ってたんだけど、まさかの高い腕前に驚きました。。え、お金倍してもいいんじゃない?とか思ってしまったけどこのコスパの良さがきっと人気の理由だろうな(´ー`)v満足でき... ました!read more
05:22 22 May 19
06:20 24 Mar 19
正直言って穴場だと思うのであんまり広まってほしくないのですが(笑)本当にオススメなスパなので良さを知ってほしくて評価します(^∇^)街スパとは思えない程の施術のクオリティで、今まで訪れたどのスパのセラピストよりも技術が高かったです。... このクオリティでこのお値段で良いの??って逆に心配してしまう程良かったんですよー!!read more
04:15 21 Mar 19
地球の歩き方に載っていたし、口コミの評価が良かったので利用してみましたが、評判通りいいスパでしたよ(*^▽^*)スタッフさんの対応も良かったですし、マッサージの腕も上手でした。スタッフさんと話してみたら、どうやらバリ政府認定のセラピストさ... んだったみたいです。またバリに来たら是非行きたいスパです♪read more
04:10 07 Feb 19
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Let’s take a look at the flower bath and balinese massage package.


Balinese Massage 60 minutes + Art Flowe
r Bath IDR400,000

Very reasonable!

And, to any menu, you can add an art flower bath with IDR150,000!(Except hot stone massage)

For example, 90-minute Balinese massage + art flow
er bath IDR 550.000

Other than that, balinese Facial (Balinese Facial) 60 minutes, if combin
ed with any menu IDR400,000


Address: Jl. Pangkung Sari, Kerobokan Kelod, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361 Indonesia

Phone: +62 819-3607-0866

How to make a reservation

LINE (English and Japanese) → Super easy recommended

Please add a friend from the link below.You can easily make a reservation with LINE.
Basically, it is In English, if you want japanese, if you say japanese please, you can make a reservation or contact us in Japanese!

Add friends


Register the phone below!

+62 81936070866

Direct booking

You can go directly to the spa reservation page from the link below.It’s easy to book by choosing the treatment you want and following the instructions on the page.



If you want to experience a flower bath in Bali, you can start at Seminyak Royal SPA in Seminyak!

  • The price is considerably reasonable, too!
  • All the staff are qualified!
  • The comments of the people who are actually visiting are also good!
  • You can make a reservation in Japanese using line that you are used to!