Bali trip just to eat

Two years ago we stayed in Bali for a week as a honeymoon.

The hotel you have stayed at is a villa-type hotel with Villa Disini.I didn't particularly particularabout the area, but as a result of being lost in the villa type and the hotel type, there was also a honeymoon, so I chose a villa type that was not easy to taste in Japan.
It was a hotel of the type where the villa lined up across the hedge, but the open space was produced without worrying about the eyes of others, and it was a very satisfactory hotel.There is a pool in the villa for a small time, too, and it became a daily routine to bathe in the morning.
The hotel was also focused on the spa, so we experienced the spa twice in the hotel.
The staff were all able to speak Japanese, so we were able to communicate in all japanese.
There are quite a few room service menus that bring you into the villa, so you can experience the slow life of sleeping slowly and eating.

Souvenirs are woodworking and mountain (hill) at the market around Ubud.I purchased a framed painting at an art gallery in the middle of the year.Both of them are 1000 yen or not, so you can buy something solid in their own way, i felt that the cost performance as a souvenir is high.In these places, you can pay in Japanese yen or dollar in addition to the local currency, so in the event of an unlikely event, you can take the Japanese yen as it is.The souvenir shop calculated it at the rate of the day tentatively.
On the other hand, if it is a place that is completely touristized around the temple, it is necessary to be careful because it is introduced the product at bottakuri price when it is understood that it is A Japanese.Most of these stores don't have a price tag on their products, and most of them are the clerks' say.No matter how much you like it, it's better not to shop at such a store.I almost sold the shorts of hemp for about 4,000 yen.
At the same time, "Did you come to Bali for the first time?I may be asked that, this is also a question to try whether there is a land intuition and price intuition, even if you lie "many times have come", I think it is better as a defense.

I took a cruiser to Lembongan Island to enjoy marine sports, but when I boarded, I was able to get coffee through the café-like area on the first floor (a table and seating area with booths cut like a family seat).When the cruiser departed, the first floor part shook violently, so i couldn't stand it in about five minutes and went out on the deck (it's better to have a cup of coffee early).The deck also swayed in its own way, so there were many people suffering from seasickness.Seasickness reaffirmed that it is universal.The trick to enduring shaking is to sit in a seat near the ship's center line, which reduces the swing, so it's much easier than sitting in the corner.
There is also live music on board (I was impressed that the rhythm is not crazy in this shaking.It was a feeling of enduring the sickness single-mindedly by listening to the tune which knew which flowed occasionally.Please note that this is a round trip to and from.
The island of Lembongan itself was very beautiful and the sea was very clean, and the marine sports were good, and the barbecue was also a wonderful place.
Moreover, it is recommended that the ape does not wear valuables and accessories because it takes anything of the person's thing though it went to the temple where the ape is.
A group of white people were laughing at the wearing of sunglasses, but I think it's just right to wear something that's all about laughter.
It's also a classic course where you can see kecha while sunset in the Indian Ocean and go home for dinner.

It is a standard, but "how to walk the earth" became very useful.In addition, the staff who can speak local Japanese was attached to the travel pack, so rather than looking into something here, it was in the form of issuing various orders to him.
Because the conversion adapter of the power outlet is good with the cheap one, it is better to take it.Even in japanese hotels, the standard of outlets is bali, so you can't charge your phone without an adapter.
If you are playing marine sports, it is recommended that you have a disposable water-resistant camera.Because the sun shines strong ly depending on the day, it is better to have clothes to wear on the swimsuit.
On the other hand, it is an electronic dictionary which I took just in case as the one that i was not able to use.
Bali uses Balinese, so it's not used at all even if you take something compatible with Indonesian.I thought i could use it in a second language, but that's how English is more transmitted.))

Because it was a honeymoon, I took a wedding photo on the beach, but i think it's a good choice to have a preliminary date for the photo shoot, because the weather was a little bad (it was cloudy) and i'll keep being told by my wife.
In addition, when you move by car, it is better to make a travel plan with plenty of time because the traffic zone and the section which becomes congested anyway and it does not advance at all.We had local drivers and guides, so we arranged to the extent that we could only tell them where we wanted to go and what we wanted to see, but the traffic was still jamming and it didn't work out as scheduled.
In addition, although the road itself is paved beautifully in addition, there were a lot of strange places that there was no accident when the moped motorcycle went through the side of the car, and the oncoming car broke the central line and bent, and there was a thrill in the road to Ubud in addition.
If you have enough money, i think it's a necessary choice to keep insured in the event of an accident.