• April 16, 2020
  • April 30, 2020

Enjoy flowers bath and Balinese massage in Bali!

Speaking of Insta-shine in Bali, Indonesia, it is a flower bath that is healed by a bath with full of flowers.What is a flower bath? What kind of flowers are you using? What effect does it have on your skin? Are you going in a couple? Information about flower baths.At the end, i’ll show you a spa where you can enjoy such a flower bath. What kind of flowers are there?What kind of flowers do you use? Flowers vary from spa to spa, but many spas are the kind of flowers called “Bunga pacar air” in the Balinese language. Bunga is a flower, pacar is a lover, air is water, that is, “lover flower of water”. What a nice flower!The English name is Rose balsam, the academic name is Impatiens balsamina, and the Japanese name is Housenka.There are many kinds of Rose balsam flowers, Bali is the tropical climate, and […]