Enjoy a wonderful butoh

in the wake of the honeymoon
5 nights

Ubud, etc.

Ubud, Ayung Temple


The Balinese butoh i saw in a restaurant called kumangi is impressive, and a woman dressed in a glittering costume of the music like a xylophone dances with supple movements.I was surprised to find that there was such a dance by the music, as the dance depicting the samurai before the war was brave and intense, unlike the loose movements of the past.And i was fascinated by the unique atmosphere and music.I wanted to see something that would be shown twice a day in the palace and hall in Ubud, but that's the next time.The dance of this restaurant was also authentic, and the last dancer was taken a photograph.And what's impressive is the World Heritage Taman Ayun Temple, which is built in a large space and an orderly shrine, and it's very clean if you want to be orderly.I was impressed to think that the shrine resembled the enchanted Tiki Room of Disneyland.It is a Ayun people who have been designated as a World Heritage Site, but i felt the history.Even though it was a World Heritage site, it was quite modified and it wasn't so old.The land with the temple was large, and the gate was magnificent and beautiful and i was able to enjoy the whole scenery.We also stayed at Disini Luxury Spa Villas.Just a little way from the street.The moment you enter the room, a woman will cheer you up.And the night was very romantic and the proof was beautiful.There is also a pool and kitchen, a kitchen by the pool, a dining table, and a bed that allows the poolside to lie down with Agolon.There were large beds, baths and toilets with canopy blows in the walls and doors, so it was a luxurious space.And while it's a charming hotel popular with women, it's a good idea to spend a day in a villa without going anywhere.A single phone call can be arranged for a romantic dinner in the room service room, and the staff is very kind and courteous.The front desk can speak Japanese.It is a meal of the hotel that a Japanese person seems to be the owner very much, but the plan used is a breakfast choice every day and there is a main dish and two kinds of fresh dinner, and it is considerably volummy, but it was really delicious.Take your time at the poolside table every day.I enjoyed the hotel's meals and ate something like a snack at the bar and the food that was served, such as Indonesian grilled sate and nasigoreng.Indonesian food is quite the shrimp rice crackers that come with it, and you can enjoy it with your eyes.