First trip to Bali, royal road course for beginners

It was a three-night, five-day trip from August 2, 2018.

We stayed in ubud area.The reason i made this area was the first Bali, and i chose this place because it seems to be Bali and it seems to be convenient for shopping.As a result, i think the area and the hotel were very correct.We stayed at the Sapodira Ubud Hotel.I usually stay in a cheaper hotel when i travel, but i chose the place where the evaluation was good but the price was not too high by referring to the site of the word of mouth.The staff were very friendly and helpful. The rooms are about 10 rooms at home.We rented your mobile phone for free, so we could stay in peace because we support edit us when there is something wrong in town.It was very nice to be able to pick up a taxi, especially in the town.There was also a free local sweets afternoon tea service.The rooms were comfortable, with a canopy, lots of greenery and bird sounds that healed me.

There is ubud market near the hotel, and souvenirs were mainly bought there.My recommendation is a basket bag and one piece.There are more kinds than Japan, and the one of the design that the color use is cute and elaborate is cheap depending on the negotiation of the price, and i bought the amount to be worried whether to enter the suitcase inadvertently.There are a lot of shops that handle miscellaneous goods and cosmetics, and I think that i can enjoy it very much especially if i like shopping.As a precaution, there are only roads with a lot of basic cars and motorcycles, but there is a narrow road width, so I think you should be careful when walking.

The following site, "How to walk the earth" was referred to the book.
I think it was only for Bali, but i used to refer to my belongings and what I should do before I go.I have traveled abroad several times in the past, but after a long time, there are some things that have fallen out or forgotten, so it was convenient.
If you're going to be particular about Bali, i think the insect repellent spray was very helpful.
I went out of the hotel and was stabbed in about 10 seconds.Of course, I took the amount that was not caught in the carry-on limit, but it is safer to take what I normally use than to use something that I don't know if it fits the skin i can get on the ground.Sunscreen supplements were also helpful.The sun was strong.I was carrying a parasol, but I didn't see many people wearing parasols as much as In Japan, so I didn't want to look like a tourist, so I was a little reluctant to use them.At that time, it was very convenient because I was able to enjoy the sunscreen without worrying about sunburn all day only by taking the supplement of sunscreen.

When I shopd, I had purchased it without looking at the product well, but because there is also a sweet sewing, I think that it is better to look well if you do not want to regret.In addition, because the same product is sold cheaper in other shops,
Instead of buying what you think is cute right away, I recommend checking the shop one by one first.Moreover, the sense of money is strange when i am there, and even if it is cheap if I think normally, it seems expensive compared with other products, and I regret not having bought what I want.