Bali Nature Tour of the Forest and The Beach

From April 27 to May 1, 2018, we stayed for four nights and six days using GW.

Where did you stay in Bali?

We stayed at The Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan in Ubud, a valley area, and four seasons resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay in Jimbaran by the sea.
Bali had a strong image of a beach resort, but the rainforest's stunning views were attractive, and we chose a plan to stay in both the forest and the sea for four nights.
In addition, it was my first trip to Southeast Asia and I was a little concerned about hygiene, so I was able to choose with the expectation that there would be no mistake at the Four Seasons Hotel in the whole country.As a result, both were great stays.

First, ubud's Sayan Valley in the first half takes less than two hours from the airport to the hotel.There was a hotel in the dense tropical forest through the road where local shops gradually stood out from the heavy traffic area.There are beautiful, modern and slightly mysterious buildings that are comparable to the photos you see on the hotel's website, and the exotic atmosphere raises your expectations.The basics are English conversation, but there are also Japanese staff, and I was able to spend my time with peace of mind even if I was not good at English conversation.
The room we stayed in is two stories high and has a little house feel.The bed on the first floor faces a private terrace, and i was able to enjoy the voice of a bird that I had never heard in Japan and the starry sky.You can also go out to the large courtyard from the terrace, and the evening walk surrounded by big leaves that are as tall as the floor is exotic and very pleasant.The spacious aroma-filled bathtub was filled with bottled water for drinking and brushing every day, so i was able to spend the hygiene without any problems.
Because the building is located in the Sayan Valley, the flow of water is made to be seen everywhere, and it was a mysterious and calm atmosphere.Not only Indonesian food but also organic ingredients and vegan menus are substantial in the restaurant, and I think that it is a lineup that is satisfactory even if the person who values beauty and health is substantial.The pear goren we had for breakfast on the restaurant terrace on a fine morning was very delicious.

The beach area in the second half was more impressive than Ubud.I was a little worried when I saw that the area of Jimbaran was a fishing village unlike popular beaches such as Kuta and Legian, but the Four Seasons Resort was very beautiful.
The hotel lobby is open to you first, with no walls and a view of the blue sea beyond the marble pillars.The starting point of the move and the check-in work are here, but here, we were able to respond in Japanese here.This resort has all the rooms in the villa and is independent as a detached house with a garden.You can also pick up and drop off at your villa by cart.The strong sunlight lit up the white road, and on both sides of the narrow road were red-roofed houses, as if they were living in a village in Bali.The rooms are wonderful and have spacious canopy beds, large bathtubs and a clean shower room.And if you go out into the garden, there's a bed with parasols on the four aa with plenty of cushions, and a private pool to put in whenever you want.Play in a deep pool that is soaked to the shoulders even if an adult stands, drink a beer while lying down when you get bored, take a nap in a room with a cool air if it gets hot, and enjoy the fun of the sticky tropical resort without being disturbed by anyone.It's the best word.
You can enjoy it in a private villa, but if you step out of the hotel, you will find Jimbaran Bay.Not only tourists but also locals enjoyed swimming and seaside walks, and at dusk they watched the beautiful sunset.

Where did you go to Bali?

Jimbaran Bay specialty Itambacar
Originally a fishing village, you can eat delicious seafood BBQ on the beach.
There are more seats available at the beach than Japanese think, so you can enjoy dinner while listening to the sound of the waves at the beach.
When I went there, I put my seat on the edge of the waves too much and some chairs and desks were in waves.If you can choose a seat,
You might want to choose a place.It was also dinner time to coincide with the sunset, but there were only small candles at hand, whether it was atmosphere-oriented or light, and after the sun went down, we had to eat in a dark pot where we didn't know what was being served.In addition, because the whole baked shrimp etc. are offered, the hand is awfully dirty, and I think that it is convenient when there is a wet tissue.The taste was delicious.
Huge swing burr swing
When you want to explore Ubud, bali swing is what you want to experience.You can ride a big swing like "Heidi the Girl in the Alps" while looking at the rice terraces of Bali, which are known for their spectacular views.I can choose the type by fear, but I chose the extreme course to ride from the highest place.The swing is considerably large and it rides with the harness tightly, but the swing is put in the palm tree, and it is very thrilling.There is no machine control, and the sense that it flies to the sky at a quite speed can be tasted when the elder brother in charge pushes out by three people.Because the front of the valley was a valley, I felt the height more than the starting point, and the exhilaration and laughter did not stop.
Souvenirs to Seminyak Village
Even if I go on a trip abroad, I don't want to buy a strange mug or chocolate with a place name!It is a place of recommendation to the idea.It was an oasis in seminyak, burning, with wi-fi and air conditioning in a bright, white three-story shopping mall.The miscellaneous goods handled seemed to be Bali in a good meaning, and there were a lot of stylish ones.Unlike the cheap and local souvenir shop that is also in any tourist spot, it is a little expensive, but you can also purchase brand cosmetics such as Senseisha and Utama Spice and popular Bali towels.Personally, I would be more happy to receive a name from the local area than a souvenir with a place name.

What's useful in Bali?

We recommend a site called "Bali Travel Only".Writers living in Bali continue to share the reality of Bali every day.Even in the classic articles, such as recommended tourist attractions and souvenir reviews, the coverage of each body that you actually went and ate and experienced is really helpful, and it is interesting as a reading material.Because it sends it not only on the site but also on YouTube and Twitter, both good and bad, you can get real-time information about Bali.
What I thought was important was the sunburn measures.Because the sun is tight, sunglasses are useful not to mention sunscreen.When I went to see Kecha, the sunset was pretty tight, and according to the seat, I couldn't open my eyes.

Advice for people going to Bali!

・When you go to see the ruins and temples, it is necessary to refrain from exposing the skin because it is a sacred place.I heard that shorts and mini skirts were not good, but even knee-length dresses were out.You can borrow a shared purple cloth, so if you don't like those things, please be careful about your clothes.
・It was impossible to have no insects in any beautiful hotel, but I felt that balinese people didn't care much.If you are not good at insects, i think you should have some resolution with insect repellent spray.
・There is a monkey with a very bad habit in Uluwatu Temple, which is famous for ketcha dance.Even if I saw it, there were people who had their hats and sunglasses stolen and destroyed.If you are going, we recommend that you do not take too expensive or important things with you.