Luxury Honeymoon in Bali

In March 2019, I went to Bali for five nights and seven days.

It was about a week's stay, so I decided to stay in two places in the second half of the previous year.
On the first day, we were going to arrive in Bali in the evening, so we looked for a hotel in an area relatively close to the airport.Also, because it was a honeymoon, i was squeezing it in the villa with the pool a little luxuriously.The first hotel i arrived at was Villa Airou Boutique Resort & Spa in Seminyak.This japanese-speaking hotel has a large single villa, a pool and breakfast and afternoon tea.The breakfast was very good.The hotel room was very clean, with a large bathroom on a canopy bed, a kitchen in the living room and a water server.It is one of the hotels i would recommend.
In the second half of my stay, I wanted to go sightseeing in Ubud, so I decided to stay in Ubud.The Ubud Village Resort & Spa was the place to stay.This was also a hotel with a villa in a large area.
Surrounded by plants, the villa was a resort hotel that made you feel like you've come to Bali.It was a nice villa where you can go sightseeing, but it makes you think it's good to spend time in a hotel room.
It was also close to Ubud city area, and there was no shuttle bus from the hotel.
The hotel also had breakfast and afternoon tea, and the breakfast was a really special time, with a view of the balinese nature, which is still in the morning.
Accommodations in Ubud, as are Villa Airou Boutique Resort & Spa.

On the first day of arrival, we arrived in the evening, so we went directly from the airport to the hotel without any particular sightseeing.We had dinner at the hotel, went for a walk at the convenience store at night, and went shopping for sweets and other items.Bali's passage is rupiah, one rupiah is 0.007 yen, so even if you buy a drink, for example, it is written that the price is 20,000 rupiah.Because it is a unit that is different from Japan, it was puzzled at first in how to put out money, and it paid ten times more, and it has become likely to be cheated change.I noticed it immediately and asked me to return it properly, but I think it's better to count the money carefully until you get used to it.
On the second day, we went to a studio called Fukuinda, where we took pictures in Balinese costumes, and we took a commemorative photo wearing a Balinese wedding costume.Costumes, make-up, and photo data are all on the line and are less than 10,000 yen, so if you're going on your honeymoon, it's a good idea.
Mainly in the Ubud area, we chartered a taxi and took us to temples and tourist attractions by leaving it up to a japanese-speaking driver.
In uma pakel, i had a very enjoyable experience with the tasting of jaconeko coffee and the swing in the air in the nature of Bali.
I came to Ubud, so I went to see rice terrace as well.
There is a market in the center, so I purchased bali-specific miscellaneous goods as a souvenir.There is no pricing in the market, so it will be cheaper depending on the negotiations.When I think about it now, it might have been more out of value.
In Ubud, you can enjoy balinese traditional performing arts every night.What we can see on the day of the week is different, but we watched the Legon Baron.
They also handed out paper with stories written in Japanese, so it was a great time to enjoy the viewing.
It was fun just to walk around town, so i walked to monkey forest from the hotel without a taxi and walked around the city centre.
I was able to take a lot of cute pictures of monkeys living in the jungles of Bali.
It rained somewhere in bali every day.
Especially since we traveled during the rainy season, we sometimes experienced heavy rains, so i think it's a good idea to be flexible in looking at the weather on the day.
I went to see Kecha on the last day, but unfortunately it was interrupted because of heavy rain.

I purchased a guidebook in Bali in advance and looked at it, but it was very good that I left it to the local taxi driver after all.
Because i am accustomed to it, i took you to various sightseeing spots efficiently, and because there are a lot of Japanese tourists, japanese is fluent in Guide, and the photographer of the commemorative photograph also took it on.
I think that eating out for dinner will be the main, so I think it will be manageable if you have even a minimum smartphone and pocket Wi-Fi to examine the restaurant information.

I went away without thinking about how to get around the area, so I think the taxi fare from the airport to the hotel on the first day was quite high.
I happened to get a business card from a man who was chartering a taxi at a shopping mall, and it was 6,000 yen a day for a day charter, including parking lot and gasoline, so I took care of it for about three days during my five-day stay.
Basically, taxis and shopping in the market, because the price is all negotiated, there were some scenes that could have been more drastic and costoff.