Bali trip to the sea and shopping

I went there for five nights when autumn japan was getting cooler.

Nusa Dua Beach Nusa Dua Beach Hotel at Hilton Bali Resort near Nusa Dua Beach.The tourist hotels are concentrated around here, so I was able to experience various activities and thought it would be easier to deal with in the event of a problem.The hotel is still a Hilton brand, so there's no complaint.I even wanted everything to be beautiful and beautiful, and that the time is eternal.There are some hotels in Bali that are surprisingly cheap, and i was considering that, but i decided to try to feel like a resort.The Hilton Hotel was the most luxurious space i've ever had, like a castle towering over the rustic space of the south island.The beauty of the landscape was that no matter where you were photographed, it was as powerful as a good picture.

One thing to note is that you are eating.If you eat on the veranda or outside, monkeys may come by.And, i think that it is better not to put food in the mouth quickly and not to flicker for safety because it comes near to bring the meal.If you're on your guard if you're not going anymore, you'll suddenly come out of nowhere and try to get you some food.

But these experiences were also so valuable.I feel the spread of nature, and they are the inhabitants of this island.I want to show respect and not to get too close to the unnecessary.

Hilton Bali Resort is the finest in all meals, facilities, rooms and services.The blue of the sea, the richness of the greenery, etc. And it makes me feel like I'm in a different space, like Balinese and Indonesian, which I hear all the time.I think it's a very exotic, charming and very charming island.

I spent a lot of time in the beautiful Nusa Dua Beach Nusa Dua Beach nearby, not to mention sightseeing, but I went to Hardy's Shopping Center.In the shopping center of the local atmosphere, i was able to see the difference in detail that the way of holding the signboard etc. is somehow different from Japan, so I thought while walking slowly after it was a difference of the way of thinking of the local people.Even if it wasn't for it, i felt strange just looking at the streets on the way to the shopping center.I wonder where I am now. I was in a mood.The currency of Bali is Indonesian Rupiah.Overall, bali is cheap, but i was taught 40,000 rupiah, but there were things that were different from 30,000 rupiah in the way we went together.It is the one that it wants to talk firmly without being depressed because it comes out that it talks comparatively.There is a cheap part overall, but there is the one of a usual price considerably more than the forecast.It's about the same price as Japan, but there are some situations where you feel cheap for some reason, and you might want to be careful because you tend to go crazy with a sense of money and a mixture of high-end and cheap ones.
The best time to buy a souvenir is batik fabric.Batik is an Indonesian technique for wax resist dyeing throughout the cloth and can be used for fabrics that are common in bali. This technique is derived from Java in Indonesia, and i draw ledot or line with a certain tool.Or it may be created by printing a resist with a copper stamp called a cap.I love the clothes of the present style made with these ethnic costume sand.It's also a moment when i feel that balinese people have a good sense of art.

Useful for bali travel include hats, sandals, sunglasses and light long sleeves.Bags and wallets are the basics of travel, but it's better to take your own things and sunscreen.The fall season we went to was around October, so it was a good time to travel to Bali.The weather was very pleasant.

I think it's a casual ethnic island, but there were some formal occasions, and I thought it would have been nice to bring some more solid clothes.I managed to adjust the look, but it was better to wear a formal dress.Anyway, if you look at it comprehensively, i think it was a fun trip without any problems.If you think you're going to go now, please make the research enough and make it a more enjoyable trip.