Luxury Villa Stay with Your Family

From the end of 2018 to the beginning of 2019, we stayed for five nights and eight days.

Bali is divided into sea and mountain areas, but my mother decided to stay in Ubud, a mountain area, because of my mother's desire to relax in a quiet place.
We focused on the hotel with the villa, which is also the theme of this trip, and decided to make it "Samsara Ubud", a two-story and family-friendly hotel with a pool.
It is located in the depths of the mountains, so I booked a pick-up with the hotel in advance in Japan.We were very comfortable to pick you up in a white van and stop by the supermarket along the way.
I arrived at the hotel when the sun went down, and I can't forget the scene.There is no door, and illumination like the light of firefly is illumination in the entrance which is opened naturally.The reception table and sofa under the chandelier overlook ubud's rainforest and the nearby river.As a welcome drink, there was a cheese of ginger soda and cookies in a wine glass.During his stay, the butler who entertained our family also explained the building in very friendly and easy-to-understand English.
Then take a golf cart to the villa you're looking for!It was a very large area that i didn't think of as the site of a single hotel, and i was fascinated by balinese figurines and light-ups.
And, it arrives at the villa which waited for.When you open the door, the marble floor has a ceiling in front of you that has a stairwell to the second floor.There was a compact kitchen, a private pool about 10 meters long when i opened the window through the dining room, and a big plumeria tree was planted.The bedroom on the first floor was also the size that two adults could spread their hands and feet wide, and the bathroom in the back was of course shiny.Happily, the bathtub was covered with petals and towels folded into cute duck-shaped.On the second floor there was also a bedroom, bath toilet and a small dining space.Because it was a atrium, i was able to have a conversation even on a different floor, and i felt my family close by.
In addition to having a Balinese massage at the hotel, i was very excited to see events such as movie nights where various movies are screened in the outdoor square every day of the week and countdown parties to celebrate the new year's holidays.
And the hospitality was great, and every time I returned to the hotel, i had a small present from the butler (such as accessories, which are traditional Balinese items) and a letter on the desk next to the bed.Of course, they also transfer from the entrance to the villa every day, and they will listen to their plans for the next day, and give you advice if necessary.
And, the most impressive thing about this stay is all-you-can-eat breakfast.I ordered the menu by phone and took it to the villa.In addition, i was able to experience the service of putting breakfast in a small boat called "floating breakfast" and floating in the pool for an additional fee.It was a truly blissful time to order as many dishes as you like and then walk into the pool with plumeria flowers.

Because i stayed in Bali for a long time, I set up a tour schedule where I could enjoy the sea and the mountains.
Lembongan Island
I visited to experience marine activities on remote islands around Bali.I was able to see the mangroves up close in kayaking, dive into the clear sea and snorkel and experience it very Balinese over a day.
Kintamani Plateau
The stunning scenery of Lake Batur and the Caldera, a World Heritage Site, was truly beautiful.Because it was located high, the air was cool, and i was surrounded by magnificent nature and felt fresh.
Tegalalang Rice Terrace
The hotel's excellent access is tegalalang rice terrace.You can enjoy the very beautiful rice terraces, but you can also taste the coffee made from the futon of the civets.
Ubud Palace
This is also a tourist attraction situated within close proximity to the hotel.It's fun just to see the gorgeous buildings, but there are many shops in the area, so it's also great for shopping.
Tirta Umpur Temple
It is a mysterious temple where holy water is said to spring out.The weather was good on this day, and the smell of the good incense only in the temple of Bali was combined, and it became a really refreshing feeling.
Goa Gajah
It is a very mysterious religious site in Ubud.There is a huge cave, among them the entrance is a witch?The ruins that had been shaped like the mouth was wide open were impressive.You can also purchase salons and basket bags here.

The hotel made a reservation early on for the sale.
For tourist attractions, we picked up places you want to go from guidebooks such as Orthodox Lyumabu.Bali is well organized by the area, so it's a good idea to schedule it in advance.

In Bali, we basically didn't use public transport, so we hired drivers on a daily basis.It was my first visit to the country, so the presence of a local driver was reassuring.