Honeymoon is on the south island of Bali

June 2016, 4 nights 5 days

Where did you stay in Bali?

Accommodation at a hotel in Kuta area, close to the airport.I didn't have much money, so I signed up for his free plan tour to keep the cost as low as possible, and it was this Kuta-area hotel.It was close to the airport, but there was a free transfer on tour, so the distance from the airport was not so relevant.Near a less famous shopping mall (Lipo Mall).However, this shopping mall was convenient because there were souvenir shops and others.Actually purchased souvenirs here.The hotel itself was a cheap hotel, so the hospitality was not good.The sheets don't change every day, and the shower room has no curtains or doors, so the floor gets drenched.However, it seems that the hotel in the south seems to have no shower curtain comparatively if it examines it later.They didn't refill the toilet paper, so they brought it to the front desk.There are many deficiencies, but if you say it, it's like you can do it.Buffet style with breakfast.The taste is not possible and impossible.Breakfast is good and easy to move actively from the beginning of the morning.We could walk from the hotel to the beach in about 15 minutes, so we went to see the sunset on the evening of arrival.It was close to Kuta Beach, but it was a little off and it was not crowded with a glimpse of the locals and tourists.It was just right for us who don't like crowds, but the old lady of the shop is persistent and it is a little annoying.The hotel name was Edelweiss Boutique Hotel Kuta.I saw a lizard at the front desk of the hotel.It may be a fear for people who are not good at it, but in the field, Gecko is god's messenger or what.

Where did you go to Bali?

The first day arrived in the evening, so we went sightseeing from the second day, so we went to Taman Ayun Temple in the first day of the day.It seems to be a World Heritage Site, and there are a lot of mel swells, and it is spectacular.The site is like a garden and you can see it like a walk.Because it is a temple, i can't put it inside, but it's exotic and fun just to look at it from the outside.Next, we went to Tanah Lot Temple.It's a temple by the sea or in the sea, and you can walk to the temple at low tide.I went to the temple at low tide without checking the time of low tide, but luckily I was able to walk to the temple at low tide.We walked down the road with a view of the sea until we went to the temple, so we had a good view and enjoyed the blue sea of Bali.The next day we went to uluwatu temple, which is famous for the sunset.It seems to be able to see kecha according to the time of the sunset, but it sightseeing in daytime because I thought that it was not necessary to see the sunset separately because I heard that it was considerably crowded with tourists.There was a wild ape in the site, and because it was careful because the belonging was taken, it walked carefully.In fact, I came across a monkey and it was a bit of an attack, but the temple's cleaning staff or somebody drove me away.Bali's food is not so familiar, i tried a lot of food for the first time on this trip, but I thought it was a dish that matched the mouths of the Japanese, such as rice and seasoning.I especially liked nasigoreren, so I ate and compared it to nasigoreren at various restaurants.There was a local dining room in the immediate vicinity of the beach, which is within walking distance of the hotel, and the pear goren we ate there was the best.At first I was worried that I might break my stomach, but I was fine.Also, I drank dragon fruit and ice juice here, but i didn't even get hungry.It's a local treat, but the hygiene side might have been neat unexpectedly.Souvenirs were purchased at lipo mall near the hotel.I also went to discovery mall, so I bought it there.Because the Discovery Mall is large, everything is arranged in one place, and it is convenient because I can purchase variousthings here.There was a beach in the immediate vicinity of the hotel, so we went for a swim and a walk there.Kuta Beach was a surfing mecca, so the waves were high and there was no way to swim, but the waves were high in the morning and the waves were so quiet that they could swim in the afternoon.It's not like the downtown area is bad for security, but there's a tout and a little trouble.But overall, balinese people were relaxed and felt good.The woman had rice on her forehead, and i wondered what she was adding at first.There was an offering called "Churn" in front of my house and on the roadside, and I saw it so often that I thought bali was the island of the gods, and I thought it was kind of wonderful.

What's useful in Bali?

Anyway, sunglasses and sunscreen are necessary because it is hot.It may be faster to wear light long sleeves.To be honest, I want to use a parasol, but there are few people who use parasols, so it might be better to take measures with a hat.The temple is a high-exposure bracket, such as shorts, but there is no problem because i lend a cloth at the entrance.I thought there were mosquitoes, so I took insect repellent with me, but I didn't use them very often.I did not use the app, "Bali Navi" on the net because there is a site that tourist information and people are on board, tourist attractions i looked into a variety there.

Advice for people going to Bali!

Because it is an island that i eat for sightseeing, there are all commercial facilities, and even if I forget to take something from Japan, I return there, so there is no problem.However, it is better to be careful not to forget the medicine or the one that is particular about it.There are a lot of rip-offs in the guidebook, so I was told not to use a sink taxi, but i actually took a taxi twice to see it, but there was no particular problem.However, there are some taxis that don't have air conditioning, so you might want to be careful about them.We decided that "a hotel is just a place to sleep", and we always stayed in a cheap hotel, but bali was cheap hotel prices in the first place, so I thought i should have stayed at a good hotel with a little more money.At least it's a good hotel to change the sheets every day without saying it.The staff were very friendly and helpful.Because the floor is drenched without curtains and doors, I thought that it was convenient to have the flip flops and the shower slippers for the room wearing.