From slow adult travel to ocean activity, bali travel

I went on a trip in March two years ago, around the end of the rainy season.It was said that it was the rainy season, but it was not rain for a long time, and it was the extent not to worry about.I stayed for five days on my work off.

We stayed at a hotel in the Sanur area.There are many long-established hotels in this area, there are many beaches, so we were looking for a place to relax on a trip, so We decided it was the perfect place to go.I chose a hotel called "Swiss Bergatzin Bar", but there was a big pool, so it was good to be able to enter freely when I wanted to relax in the hotel or when I had a little time.Breakfast was also buffet style in a place where you could feel the outside wind like a balcony, but you could enjoy the holiday atmosphere in the tropical atmosphere.The location was perfect because we arrived in Bali and it was about 30 minutes by shuttle bus from the airport.The Sanur area is a popular area, but it's not like Hawaii, it's not like hawaii, it's like a country beach.It was a lot of fun to walk in the sunset sea chatting with my friends, and it was a memory.It's a relaxing area, but of course there are some stylish cafes and good restaurants.There are many restaurants that make the most of the beach, and it was good to eat Balinese food while looking at the sea.There was a wide variety of sake, and we had people make tropical cocktails, and it was a great point to give them to SNS.There was also a market within walking distance, so I could enjoy shopping there and choose colorful fruits and eat at the hotel, so I felt that it was a good place to play in Bali.

I went sightseeing at the rice terrace of Tuggeranong on the outskirts of Ubud.It was made by humans, but the terrain and nature were a good mix, and it was a mysterious landscape.Because the sunset was very beautiful, It is recommended to go in the evening.There is a farm where you can taste a famous kohiak coffee using jaconeko droppings in this area, so I went there with you.We visited the farm and showed them roasting coffee beans.After that, I was very impressed to see that the local people could taste coffee in a way that they could taste.I couldn't drink it well because i drank the local way of drinking with the coffee powder sunk in the cup, and it was very painful, but I think that was a good memories.
Scuba diving was also a must in the Sanur area.It was a tour i signed up for from Japan, but i was able to enjoy it with a very smooth guide.The local guide spoke a little Japanese and was able to enjoy the time on the boat until we went to the diving point.I was a beginner, but i had a simple course first, and after diving, i was relieved that a professional diver would guide me and always follow me.I felt a little cold in the sea, but the bali sea was very colorful and i could see a lot of creatures, and it was moving.It became one of the good memories that the diver took a picture in the sea.I was a little pushy, and I felt like I was enjoying myself with my friends, so I was able to get along with the local people.The bottom of the ship was glass and the sea was through, so i could enjoy the sea on the way back and forth.
We did shopping, including souvenirs, in the Sanur area where the hotel is located.The market in Sanur, pasar sindu, is full of shops, and it sells not only sweets and daily necessities, but also Asian goods, so it was a great place to buy souvenirs.There is a shop nearby that sells traditional Indonesian goods called "Sayan", and I think that it is a recommended shop for girls.There were a lot of accessories such as cute bracelets, and it was fun to purchase them as a match.

TripAdvisor was my reference in sightseeing.It was good that there was information on the tour, not to mention the tourist attractions and gourmet information.It was convenient because I was able to make a reservation from there if there was a favorite tour.The site was also useful, but I felt that it was more convenient to have a guidebook.It was good to be able to look at the map and act immediately when time left.

Bali is a tourist destination and has many Japanese people, so i think there are many people who go without warning, but once you go out into the city, you will see many tramp.What surprised me in particular was that the children approached me and begged me.As development progresses, I felt that we should not forget that there are children with these disparities as the number of rich tourists increases.Without being wary, i hope you can buy souvenirs and support if you can afford money, and enjoy beautiful and enjoyable Bali with the local people.