Luxury Resorts

September 2018 I stayed for about a week.

Bali is the second time, and last time we selected an area close to the sea in Sanur,
The second time I chose Ubud.Five nights in a week's stay in France
I stayed at a hotel run by cosmetics manufacturer Roxitan.
It was divided into buildings like the villa building and the hotel building, so we stayed in a hotel building.The view was good because the hotel grounds were quite large and it was made on the slope of the mountain.The people at the hotel were very friendly and the food at the restaurant was delicious.The room was clean and comfortable.The interior said Bali
It was an Asian hotel.
I chose a hotel in L'Occitane because I wanted to take a spa, but when I went there, I went to it more than I saw it on the internet or in a guidebook.
It was a nice spa.It's like a tree house.
I can get a spa while enjoying the view, but it was very pleasant.The cream and oil used, of course, are of L'Occitane.
My skin became smooth and i was able to get tired.
I changed my accommodation only two days later.
We decided to stay at Chedi in the same Ubud area.
This was very good again.The price of accommodation has been a bit of a money, but it's much cheaper than staying in a luxury hotel in Japan.
I think that it is a good point of Bali.
Chedi was a great hotel beyond the L'Occitane hotel.
There is a villa in a vast site, privacy is protected
And there is a bachelor's exclusive in one room, Mr. Bachelor
They take care of you.Breakfast is not only breakfast, but also after-afternoon tea, bar-time cocktails, and clining prices are included, so it is a raised table.I'm just not having dinner.
There were many programs, such as a walk on the rice terrace or a morning yoga program while looking at the rice terrace.
There are japanese novels and essays on the terrace where someone left them, and i can read them.
I also tried a spa because it was a great deal of trouble.
The spa which I received while looking at rice terrace which continues all over the distance
It was a good feeling that i was going to ascension.
The room was very clean and the pool was very clean.
It was quite wide.

The bet is bigger than king size.
The bathroom is about the size of a single apartment in Japan,
I thought i could live there.
Because there are two washbasins in the design that the woman seems to be pleased with the bathtub,
It was very convenient.The hotel was very quiet and comfortable.The hotel's employees were as good as the hotels in L'Occitane, and they were smart and excellent.
I had to leave early in the morning on my way home.
bread and bananas for us who can't get breakfast
I had a breakfast box.
I think it was a wonderful experience.

I went to Mount Agung.I need the guide to take me by car.
After paying the admission fee, i climbed the mountain to some extent on my motorcycle and walked from there, but the driver of the bike came up to me.
I'm a little scared, but if the bike is comfortable and dazed
I got off and was surrounded by flower-selling daughters and aunts.
Flowers and offerings were given and offered to refuse.Because it is not so expensive, it was a feeling that it is good well,
I was careless and i reflected on it for a moment.
Mount Agung was really a power spot, and it was a quiet and nice temple.It takes a little time to get there, but i recommend it.
There was a raw chocolate shop in Ubud, and the chocolate there was delicious.Because it is the thing which cannot be bought in Japan, I think that it is good as a souvenir.
The t-shirt of the shop was pretty, too.
There is a T-shirt shop in Ubud, but it is a plain color of favorite color.
There is a shop that prints on t-shirts,
T-shirts from the shop are also recommended.It's not just cute.
It is a t-shirt that is comparatively strong and good.

Because Wifi can be used anywhere, I did not examine variously beforehand.
I brought a guidebook from Japan.
I forgot it on the plane, and after all, I did a free paper for the local
I also used.
There are many people who speak English, so people who are not good at English can talk about poketalk.
It might be useful to have a translation app.

I also recommend urban beaches such as Kuta-hey-yan.
Ubud is the place to go if you want to go to Bali.
Bali is an island surrounded by the sea, but the green of the mountain is deep.
I think you can feel that it is an island with a god.
It's good to visit, but the green of Ubud is a hotel in the past.
I think you can also stay and enjoy the time to do nothing.
I watched a lot of beautiful things and had a massage that made me feel good at the spa.
If you accept it, your daily fatigue will fall off and you will be able to do your best again.
Please enjoy Bali by all means.