No breaks from morning till night! A trip around Bali.

February 2015
4 nights 5 days

The hotel name is Mercure Bali Legian.
The staff were very friendly and helpful.
The unit bath and toilet are glazed and look ed from the room, and the failure is that they forget to do the curtains and have been seen by each other.
There is also a swimming pool, which is lit up at night and you can swim in a moody atmosphere.
Breakfast is buffet style with an open atmosphere on the floor connected to the garden.
It was the content that people of each country can enjoy a lot of kinds.
The sea was also a short walk away, so after getting up in the morning and having breakfast, we could go out to the city after playing in the sea.

I went to legian's reggae LIVE shop.In Japan, you can enjoy a rare water cigarette, and it was a place where you can enjoy a lot of water cigarettes and exotic feelings while listening to live reggae music.
I also went to The Club of Legian (SKYGARDEN).It was a very big floor and there were a lot of customers.There was a local woman dancing on the stand, and the Japanese man i went with was willing to put me on the stand.
We also took a tour where you can eat dinner on the sand.We took us to Jimbaran Beach by bus and enjoyed seafood and meat on the tables and chairs on the beach.
There was also a live music and dance service, so it was a luxurious dinner with a beautiful sunset in front of us.
The same thing was often sold in other shops as for the souvenir.However, because the amount of money is machimachi by the shop, I think that it is possible to purchase it after it compares around some shops.
They also accept price reduction negotiations.
"Discount Plyse" is quite familiar.If you try to leave, it will make it even cheaper.
Massage is very cheap.
I did a foot massage, but it was very cheap for about 400 minutes for 30 minutes.Just not so good quality.It was a massage that a young girl was doing by watching and imitating.
However, the personality was very good, so we had a good time chatting and chatting.I did such a foot massage twice.
I also went to a rice terrace called Ubud.
I was moved by the dynamic sight that makes you feel the earth.
There are many souvenirs and touristattractions around here.
I actually watched the kechuck dance live, and was fascinated by the mystery, so I bought a DVD and went home.

I took a travel magazine with me.
Because the sun is strong, a hat and sunscreen are essential.
I wanted to see the fish in the sea easily, not diving, so I brought my underwater glasses with me.

Legian has very high sea waves, so local surfers are riding the waves.
When I was playing at the edge of the waves, the waves suddenly became high, and the surfers of the wave ride came toward us and i was very scared.
Bali is a sea where surfers often go.
There are offerings (flowers and rice) here and there at your feet.
Please be careful because it might step on if you do not look closely.
Please note that the exchange of money will be blurred depending on the shop.
The number of money i received was obviously small, and when I pointed it out, i was able to give him the money.
It's a good idea to calculate and check for yourself, or to exchange money at a trusted location, such as a bank.
The amount of money in restaurants varies greatly depending on the shop, and the atmosphere did not change so much, but there were times when it was about a single digit different.
Local people think that Japanese people have money and talk to them a lot.
There is a person who has talked to me all by one person on the beach, and because i guide various places by car, about 5,000 yen!
I thought I'd ask to be put on a mouth car, but there was also a little suspicious, i refused after all.
We didn't suffer any damage, but japanese people sometimes get caught up in it, so please be careful about your belongings and delicious stories.