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March 2019, 4 nights 5 days

We stayed at a hotel called AYANA Resort and Spa, BALI in Jimbaran, in bali's southern resort area.I chose this hotel for the purpose of going to ROCK BAR in this hotel.Rock BAR went there twice in the evening and evening.The sunset that can be seen in the evening was famous, and it was sunny that day, so I was impressed by the spectacular view more than I had imagined.In the evening, you can enjoy a drink or a good meal in the bar on the cliff.In addition to the bar, there are also shops and pools that sell matcha, so you can get bored while you're at the hotel.This hotel was famous and was used by many celebrities.What surprised me the most was the process of getting to rock bar.After a while going through the entrance of the hotel, it was a dead end, and i was looking for a lot of people in ROCK BAR, no stairs down, no way down, and i was looking for something to do to go to ROCK BAR.Then, the person who got on the one like the cable car appeared from the bottom.I had to use a cable car to get to ROCK BAR.I was surprised and impressed by how it works.

During my stay in Bali, I went to Legian, Kuta, Denpasar, Ubud, Jimbaran, Seminyak, and so on.The recommended place is cabina bali, where you can eat on the pool.Bali has many beaches, and the eateries by the beach have a large pool, so you can enjoy both food and play at the same time.There was a shopping street in Ubud, and clothes were very cheap to buy.I had heard information that there were a lot of clothes and delicious chocolate in Bali, so I bought a bag made of chocolate and straw, as a souvenir for the resort.You can travel around Bali by taxi called "Bluebird", but there are things you should be careful about.First of all, there are various taxis, such as fake taxis with different Roman spellings, and taxis other than "Bluebird" that look like "Bluebird", and taxis other than "Bluebird" are less reliable and can be taken a lot of money.In addition, i ask the clerk of the shop where we are at that time and the shop near where we are, and i have you call a taxi, "Bluebird" is not running in some areas, and if you go above Ubud, it is said that you do not come to this area even if you ask the shop clerk.I certainly didn't see the Bluebird taxi on the road.Moreover, i didn't see anything other than the Bluebird taxi.We got off in an area where there was no taxi and let go of the taxi.I panicked about how I could get back to the hotel and how else i could get back to the hotel when I couldn't find a taxi in the first place.At that time, there was an elder brother who called out to us who had been holding it up even if it looked at from surroundings.I couldn't understand the language, and i was worried about relying on him, but his wife showed up and tried to understand our poor English with a smile on his shoulders.I felt like he was saying, "It's okay, it's okay."And the couple gave us a ride in their private car, and took us back to our hotel for about an hour by car.We panicked about what we could do, but we were able to finish our journey safely by meeting a broad-minded person.

I got information about Bali using an app called aumo.Because the direct sunlight is very strong, I recommend that you take a lot of towels so that it is safe even if you enter the sea whenever you enter the sea with sunglasses because there are a lot of goods which should be taken with it.

We recommend that you take a mobile battery with a wattage or manufacturer's name.If information is not provided, it may be confiscated at Denpasar Airport.
Moreover, because we did not take the towel so much, it often moved in the sea with our feet wet.