Bali trip to experience the best spa of your life

I went to the new year of the year before last.It is 7 nights 8 days from December 26 to January 2.

Since i went to a warm place in the cold season, I chose the place to stay carefully because i decided not to move to various cities too actively and to relax.However, Bali has many tourist destinations, so we decided to go to the mountains such as Ubud or stay on the beach.The mountainous area was attractive, but this time I had a strong image of wanting to relax in a bathing suit, so I decided to make it to the beach, so I decided to go to the area where Legian Beach is located from among the many beach areas.The reason is that there are many beautiful beaches above all, there are many hotels with a pool, there are many hotels with pools, that I wanted to go to a place with a lot of people and observe human beings because it was my first time visiting Indonesia, that prices were low, i wanted to enjoy shopping for paintings and miscellaneous goods, and wanted to welcome the countdown to the new year and new year holidays.There was also information that there were more young people than other beaches, so I thought it would be just right to take the wind off a little.In fact, i was able to enjoy both the beach and the hotel, and it was fun to be able to come into contact with indonesian people on the beach, and there were a lot of shops, so I didn't have any trouble for lunch, i was able to buy souvenirs because there were a lot of groceries, and when I wanted to get away from the crowd, I was able to relax in the hotel and experience a spa, so this area is very recommended for visitors to Bali for the first time.The hotel chose the Legian Beach Hotel in the middle of the beach.The location was very good and the hotel was easy to get to and from the beach, and the cottage stay was fresh.I actually spent seven nights in a very good, satisfying hotel.First of all, the interior of the hotel was full of Balinese and very comfortable, and it was the best to relax at the entrance while listening to the sound of the waterfall in the hotel.It was not a hotel building, and there was a stylish bench outside the entrance neatly in a small house, and there was a sofa where clothes and the bathing suit were able to be felt in the place like the earth still still in the place like the room soon though it stayed in the cottage building for the first time by not the hotel building.The room was only a small living room and bedroom, but the bed was very high with a canopy of longing.From the cottages, we walked through jungle-like trees and bougainvillea flowers for two to three minutes and there was a hotel pool, and a third of our stay was in this pool.We relaxed on deck chairs, swam when it got hot, and in the evening there was a bar in the pool, and we enjoyed cocktails in the pool, of course, in swimsuits.There was a spa by the pool, and the day after my arrival, I experienced the spa when I was still a little tired, and this was the best spa experience i've ever had.I used the spa from time to time in Japan and other countries, but when I lay down thinking i'll be able to enjoy it for two hours because it's a great deal of trouble, I'm going to sleep in the comfort of too much in about five minutes, and i feel like it happened when I was on my back and muttering a few times on the way, but i noticed that it was "It's over" of my sister who was doing the spa.I was surprised that two hours had passed when I woke up thinking that i had just started my dream.I had a very pleasant time, whether this was my first heaven or not.Take a two to three minute walk through the pool and through balinese statues and more, and you'll find Legian Beach.I spent two or three days on this beach renting a deck.As i opened my eyes, people selling accessories and nail polish flocked to me, so I pretended to sleep or shook my head and continued to fight off, and i spent my time drinking beer i bought from the beer seller.It was a different pleasure from the pool while watching other tourists and local people.There was a shopping street on foot from the hotel, so i was able to go into a restaurant at lunchtime and eat.I had many experiences within reach, and i was right at this hotel.

In a shopping district, there are many people who speak Japanese in a single word, so they can talk to me a lot.However, it was not especially in danger eyes, and a dangerous feeling was not made at all.At the Jengala Factory Outlet, i sold dishes and paintings with bananas and plumeria flowers as motifs, and i bought not only souvenirs but also a lot of my own.

I didn't intend to move around in one place, so I didn't put the app in.I took a book of lewd and had a map around Legian Beach, so I looked at it and didn't get lost, so I took a walk as i was concerned.

It is different if you go around a lot of tourist attractions, but if you want to relax or take a breather for a trip, it might be more enjoyable not to look up local information in too much detail.At a minimum, you can enjoy the money, the means of transportation, and if you put it in a rough map or map app, you can relax, and there is little danger, and you can enjoy the foreign culture enough.It's good for hotels and shops all over town, so I think you should definitely experience a spa.It was better than any spa in any other country.