Bali's charm condensation!I'm impressed by Hotel Apulva Kempinski Bali!

We stayed four nights in December 2019.It was rainy season, but luckily it didn't rain much.

It was my first trip to Bali, so I chose Nusa Dua, which is famous as a resort district, because I wanted to stay safe despite the feeling of liberation.Nusa Dua offers shopping malls such as muria, conrad and many other resort hotels, restaurants and bars, bali collection scan, and traditional entertainment shows.The location is very good.

In the evening, we also enjoyed the bar and restaurant sat in a nearby hotel.

The hotel i stayed at this time was The Apulva Kempinski Bali.
The hotel, which just opened last year (2019), has a reputation for scenery, facilities and hospitality.The facility, which took more than seven years to build, captured Balinese culture, was another art.As soon as you get to the entrance, you can see the Indian Ocean from the open balcony.The balcony was very large, and many guests were relaxed and relaxed.The hotel is built along the hill and overlooks the rooms, pool, restaurant and beach from the entrance.Wherever you are in the hotel, the view is good and the wind blows through, the music sounds comfortable, and you will be healed mentally and physically by the service full of luxury.Breakfast and afternoon tea are served in the lounge, mainly Indonesian cuisine.The hotel has several restaurants, but recommends an aquarium restaurant and a rooftop bar.As the name suggests, the aquarium restaurant is very romantic.Try it for your honeymoon, anniversary or family dinner.The rooftop bar is a private space where each seat is very widely secured.In the evening, you can enjoy a drink with a view of the 360° view of the hotel, which is lit up on the hill.

On the day of check-out, we checked in the depercha lounge and relaxed in the hotel pool until the last minute of the flight.Showers, towels and snacks are also provided, making it comfortable.Japanese staff are stationed at the hotel, so even if you have any problems, you can feel at ease.

Lembongan Island
We enjoyed snorkeling on Lembongan Island, an island about an hour away by boat from Bali.It was a very beautiful and quiet place, and there were so many fish swimming that I could touch my body.Marine sports such as banana boats are also available on the beach.

Beach walk shopping center in Kuta district, etc.
It was a little crowded, but there are many popular shops in Europe and the United States, such as H&M, ZARA and Victoria's Secret, and you can enjoy shopping and food here.There are times when there are traffic jams near the area and along the beach, so if you are travelling with children, you should be a little careful.If you like a smoking cigarette, a 5-minute taxi ride is also a shisha café.

Goa Gajah Temple in Ubud District
How it was built in what kind of circumstances is still, but it seems to be a ruins with a lot of mystery,
It seems to have been presumed that the monk practiced meditation etc.
It is surprisingly small, and it is recommended for those who want to feel the ruins and history of Ubud quickly because it is a stay time of about 15 minutes to 20 minutes.

You can ride an elephant at this zoo.
As a precaution, the sun is very strong on a sunny day.
Prepare your hat and sunglasses.
In addition, because the drink in the garden is very expensive (probably like 3-400 yen per bottle), it is recommended to bring it from outside the garden.

I want the basket product though the souvenir for the home is a standard, and i purchased a coaster and a tissue case in Ubud.Souvenirs for the company and friends were made to enjoy the local food, so i purchased instant megolene (pop me, indo me), nasigolene (sajik), cassava chips and tempe.These can be purchased at a typical supermarket.

Insect repellent spray is necessary to prevent dengue fever throughout the year as a mosquito control measure.
Sunscreen is also essential because there are times when the sun is strong.
You can buy both at local convenience stores and supermarkets, but if you want to use something made in Japan, it is recommended to bring it with you.
The main means of transportation is taxis.
Unlike In Japan, fares are inexpensive and the first ride is 50 to 60 yen.
However, in order not to be ripped off by a bad taxi, it is a good idea to use a ride-sharing app such as the local major taxi companies, Bluebird, grab, and ask the hotel to arrange it.When riding, make sure the meter is on properly.

In the rainy season (November to March), there is sometimes a squall, so you can carry a folding umbrella and spend easy on your feet with sandals and flip flops.Unlike kuta districts, Ubud suddenly becomes chilly, so prepare thin fabrics.