Bali full of thrust

About 20 years ago, in March, I had a week-long trip with Java Island (yogyakarta overnight trip).It is accompanied by transportation and meals, and the ruins can be visited by paying an optional fee.

We stayed in Kuta on the first day and the Nusa Dua area after the next day.It was my first trip to Bali, so I trusted the itinerary that was included in the travel agency tour.On the first day, it was a normal hotel that seemed to be only water-free Indonesians, but it was a cottage-like tropical building with Balinese paintings and it was very easy to spend.After the next day, we stayed at the Nusa Dua Beach Hotel in the Nusa Dua region, but most of them were full of Japanese tourists, and the Japanese seemed to be feeling at ease.I think that it is good for the person who likes a gorgeous, calm atmosphere because the hot water went out and the Japanese staff was kind.I liked the more local atmosphere, so although it was a little inconvenient, the first night in Kuta was more exciting.

First, we went to Ulwatu Temple in Jimbaran and watched the kecha dance.The guide was with me, but i was embarrassed because i didn't get in with him, so there were a lot of people who spoke strange words.Moreover, because a lot of monkeys approached, and glasses etc. were taken, I felt that it was better to have the person who drove away.You can see a live-action dance of Indian lyrical poetry called Ramayana, but i enjoyed using fire and the performers acting loudly.Ketchup dancing is the best, and Balinese people are lazy, but as the image suggests, i like the fact that there were people who just sat down without seriously dancing or just raised their hands and didn't speak out.In addition, they were guided to the art village of Ubud.I like to see paintings, so I asked my guide about the life of balinese who became a model for painting, but the guide took me home after that.It is still laughable to remember the appearance that the daughter and the grandchild were welcomed by the daughter and grandchildren, and the daughter who did not process the body hair at all for religious reasons prepared tea and the fruit, and the guide was taking a nap considerably while drinking tea here and there.As for souvenirs, balinese sweets and beans, which are unique to Bali, were procured at a supermarket in Kuta, but chocolates, sandals and sunglasses were all available if you asked the guide in advance.If I paid for the tip, I ignored the planned plan and took it home, and instead i really enjoyed the fact that they would finish shopping, so I was originally a backpack lover.It's important to note that you'll always be asked to tip (at the airport requires a porter for paper money) and that you should not trust the guide too much if you want to take your itinerary seriously, as it suddenly changes your schedule and doesn't rely on itineraries.You should also be careful about typographical problems.On the beachside, where there are many tourists in Jimbaran, there are many seafood restaurants and fresh seafood on the beach, but if you add them to the beach, it will be about 10,000 yen per person.My guide was chatting and eating in a good mood, and in a nearby village, there was a local restaurant near the fish market, which was not so clean, and he said he could eat the same food in less than a tenth.I felt very spoiled, so if you are hungry and want to try out local life, you need to be careful, such as talking to the guide first.In ruins such as Uluwatu and The Kintamani Plateau, you need to be careful because souvenir shops and beggars come along.I didn't buy it, but Personally I was interested in weird items whose sense quickly turns into a hat.Because it is a product like magic, it is important to be careful because the other party will follow more and more when you react unintentionally.

I perused the way the earth walked.That the guide's story is subtly scammable.
But when i show you the book, they'll talk to me.The best thing to take is a jacket.Because it is Indonesia, I thought that it was warm, and i went for a walk in the seaside with only sandals and a T-shirt, and went to the movie theater, but it became colder than i thought.I felt very cold because i was left for a long time while applying oil in the massage shop.I also thought that it would be better for women to take their swimwear from Japan instead of local procurement.Many are sold for Westerners, but japanese people seem to have a hard time finding them because they are small.

I thought i didn't have to prepare anything because I was on tour, but i felt that the guide was prepared to refuse strongly because he came to the local store and guru to sell expensive products and change his travel plans.However, it seems that foreigners insist too much and develop into murder cases, according to Japanese people living in Indonesia.I think that it is good to practice before going to Bali though the technology of refusing certainly is necessary even if it goes to bali.In addition, when you go to the ruins, souvenir shops and local children are persistently accompanied.I think that it is better not to keep an eye on basically because it is a strange design and the price is strangely high though it only has to buy it if it is about a usual postcard.