The location of the movie!Go to Monkey Forest in Ubud

I traveled alone in three nights and four days during the summer time in Japan.It is a backpacker travel.

Where did you stay in Bali?

It was my first trip to Bali or Indonesia, so I was thinking of taking a bite out of the base around Legian Street, the first street in Kuta, where foreign tourists gather.
However, because I had no experience in the area and no acquaintance sat with such experience, Google Maps was the only place I was able to rely on.
As a result, i took the inn about 15 minutes on foot from Legian Street, and because it was an abandoned backpacker in a pretty elaborate residential area, it was quite unsuitable for walking around at night.
Apart from the morning, it was dark at night, and i felt a little bit of danger in walking with one woman, so I caught a taxi every night from Legian Street.
However, since taxi rip-off incidents occur frequently during trips in Southeast Asia, the amount of double was taken on the first day ….
The property was just a backpacker, so it's a good place to stay.Because it was Southeast Asia, the accommodation cost was about 2,000 yen per night, but the reception closed around 8 p.m. and the security was not so popular around, so the guests were almost like men.In addition, there were many wild dogs when entering the residential area, so when choosing an inn, I thought that it would be better to choose a place near the main street as much as possible, rather than thinking about "about 15 minutes on foot" in a Japanese sense.
In addition, if it is a tourist destination, English is generally understifting, so i had no trouble communicating.Especially in kuta districts, people are used to dealing with foreign tourists, so if you have any trouble (such as getting lost), they will try to help you as much as possible.
In addition, it was such a cheap backpacker, but the hot water came out firmly.In other Southeast Asian countries, there has been only water, so I was impressed that there was a lot of work to be done.
Aside from the security aspects, it is not uncomfortable and clean.Even if it was natural for Japanese people to be clean, it was an environment where they could sleep calmly without being disturbed.

Where did you go to Bali?

If you are a beginner on a trip to Bali, i would particularly recommend ubud.Even though it's Bali, it's a long way from Kuta, so you can make a reservation at a local tourist company and take a bus.
Ubud is a country town famous for rice terraces, about 90 minutes by bus from Kuta district.This time, we used a local bus company called Prama Perama.With this company, you can travel from Kuta district to Ubud for less than 500 yen one way.It's not a bus that's comfortable to ride, but it's not so much that you can't stand it because it's about 90 minutes one way.Above all, i think that it is an important point for the traveler of the budget valuing that the cost is kept.
Still, if you value the comfort of the ride, there is also a "Kurakura bus" operated by a Japanese company in addition to Pluma.Here is wi-fi.With less than 700 yen one way, it feels a little expensive compared to The Pluma, but for those who are not used to traveling so much, you will feel more secure here.
In addition, if you are resistant to local bus movement, one way to do this is to take a taxi."Taxi transfer for more than an hour!?I'm going to think, if bali, about 3,000 yen even if you use a taxi.The more people there are, the better the taxi transfer.
In Ubud, rice terrace is also good, but we recommend going to monkey nature reserve Monkey Forest.You can see monkeys in front of you that are close to the wild, so you can feel very fresh and excited.
However, i entered the school with a camera, but when I accidentally dropped the lid that had blocked the lens, i almost got it taken by the monkey, so i'll try to keep my baggage, not to mention valuables.Monkeys are not afraid of people, so if they try to get them back, they can get hurt.
Ubud is also the location of julia roberts's film "Eat, Pray and Fall In Love."
Monkey Forest, as well as a market called Pasar Ubud and a massage shop, are set.When you visit Ubud, it's a lot of fun to walk around the city as if you were the main character of a movie!

The real thrill of traveling is a souvenir choice, but you don't have to go to a special place to buy souvenirs in Bali.If you're going to scatter, it's enough to have a supermarket or drugstore near the property.
It is definitely cosmetics that are recommended for women.Hair vitamins, especially in the capsule of the type of "elips", are very popular products regardless of age.
There are a variety of varieties, including argan oil, Moroccan oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin-rich.It is sure to be pleased with the woman who cares about beauty.Moreover, it is good, and it is able to be purchased for about 100 yen per one very.Because it is very light and thin, it is attractive not to become luggage even if I buy it in large quantities.Moreover, because it is sold at a fixed price in the supermarket and the drugstore, it is not possible to cut the price like the market, but it is safe that there is no worry of being ripped off.

What's useful in Bali?

In Bali, i was basically on a random trip.The basic part such as security information is to look up on the Internet, and to ask at a local restaurant and convenience store.
In my case, i was used to traveling abroad, so I don't plan to buy a SIM card locally, and once I go outside, I can't use the Internet until I find Wi-Fi.When you get lost, it was a very primitive technique to talk to people who are passing by, but just in case, in the smartphone, "MAPS. I installed an app called ME".
MAPS. ME is a convenient map app that will display maps even offline.You'll need to download a map of the areas you plan to visit in advance, but you'll be able to get to your destination without hesitation in your first visit.
However, if you walk while looking at the screen of your smartphone for so long, you will be more likely to experience damage such as pickpockets, just be careful.

Advice for people going to Bali!

In Bali and other countries in Southeast Asia, where tourism is thriving, taxi drivers are seen to suffer a lot of rip-offs.As far as Bali is concerned, there are ways to tell, but nothing is 100 percent.
Therefore, it is recommended to install the taxi delivery service "Grab".Think of it as the Southeast Asian version of Uber, which has become popular in Japan in recent years.
If you have a grab, you don't have to be confident in your English.Even if you don't exchange words, you can get to your destination just by entering the destination to the app, it's safe to say that the cost from the beginning is clear.
Of course, in order to do that, you need to be able to use Wi-Fi locally, so it may cost a little, but you're the only one who can protect yourself overseas.Think you've bought safety and have as much anxiety as possible!