Ok in Japanese!

In February 2015, we went on our honeymoon for five nights and seven days.Japan was in the middle of winter, but Bali was blessed with very good weather just before the rainy season.

We have stayed at Villa Isle Bali in the Seminyak area.
On my first trip to Bali, I didn't have a sense of land, but it was close to the beach, close to shopping malls, and probably the most popular area in Bali, the Seminyak area.
This is a resort hotel, with a pool in the middle of each room, an open-air dining kitchen, large rooms and a large bathroom.
You can get a coin every day and exchange it for beer (bintan beer) or soft drink at the reception.
Most of the staff speak Japanese, so you can have a pleasant time without any communication.
I made it to the plan of the morning set, but it came with the rice of bali only such as nasigoren and migoren and homemade fruit juice.
Speaking of Bali, it was the image of nasigoreng, but i ate the first time at the hotel to eat the yakisoba with the rice of nasigoren substituted for noodles, and it was completely completely complete.There was also a Japanese menu, and there was miso soup, fried egg and boiled food in white rice, but the concept of broth was not enough.
We had dinner at the hotel only once, but we were able to eat in the open dining room while watching a balinese dance show.However, it was the same price range as the intermediate restaurant in Japan, so i can only recommend it when I'm tired and don't want to eat out.
The hotel also has a spa, which is a bit more expensive than the city's spa, but the facilities were clean and the staff were very pleased.
There is also a convenience store and a small supermarket near the hotel, so if the staff is empty, you can drive them.It is difficult for drivers to speak only in English, where they can not speak Japanese.

I signed up for a local package tour with a travel agent and went around the main tourist attractions such as temples and beaches.
I was taken to a souvenir shop in various places (this is also the case on a bus tour in Japan), i thought I should buy chocolate and soap because japanese tourists around are shopping all together, but i bought chocolate and soap, but the price was sold at less than half when I went to the shopping mall that local people go to later, We don't recommend shopping at a souvenir shop that stops by on tour.
At uluwatu temple, which stopped by on tour, we watched the Kechuck dance, one of the Balinese folk dances.The kechuck dance of Uluwatu Temple, which is often featured on TV, is powerful and has been deeply impressive even now because it was timely sunset time.
After the kechuck dance, we had dinner at a beach restaurant called Ikan Bakar in Jimbaran, looking at the sea.I ate sati (yakitori in Japan) and fish dishes, but the pricing was also bullish because it was a famous tourist route.During the meal, a group of sinks with guitars appear, and if you sing a Japanese song (kiroro or something else) without permission, you can experience the experience that can only be tasted locally, such as singing a japanese song (kiroro or something) without permission.

We went to the beach on a tour we had booked in a hurry and experienced marine activities.It was the season of graduation travel, and half of the people playing on the beach were Japanese.
I think that the experience of being caught in a banana boat and a float on the beach and being dragged by a boat at high speed is very scary, but it is recommended by all means.

Shopping and souvenirs in Bali are recommended for supermarkets and shopping malls.Because the price does not become a tourist specification, i can buy a lot easily.
It is also characteristic that the smell of dorian comes to smell when entering the supermarket by one step.Especially at large supermarkets, there are a lot of food and miscellaneous goods available, so you can finish all your shopping in one place.
Instant food and Balinese coffee can be bought for tens of yen, so it's perfect for souvenirs for many people at work or friends.

I brought a tourist guidebook in Bali, but the most reliable was the local window of the travel agency.
I made a plan, but i was free all day, and when I booked a tour in the running, the tour was the best.

Hotels and local guides often speak Japanese, but the staff of the shops and taxi drivers may not be able to speak English very well.
Especially, the place where it was moved to the locale often used the taxi, but because it was not accustomed to the pronunciation of English or it was taken to a completely different place from the destination.(There was no offense to the driver.)

In addition, bali itself has a lot of Japanese tourists, so there are a lot of touts.
People with little travel history may be fed up because they can talk to each other in a taxi or scooter every time.