Two Balinese women travelbefore summer to go with Lipita

Stay for 5 nights in June 2018.

I was going to Bari island for the first time, and it was my second visit to Bali.Last time, i stayed in Nusa Dua.Nusa Dua was originally developed as a resort, and because of its high level of security, it was possible to go out with peace of mind.In the district, not only are they famous as Lo-Cal, but they also have ultra-luxury five-star resort hotels such as Grand Hyatt and Conrad, which will be big-net, and they've made it very comfortable.So, this time, we started the project to remove the nusa dua construction.And, it was Sanur to have decided at the end of the candidate where to stay variously.Sanur is the area of Bali.Sure, according to my friends, Sanur is now dotted with beach resorts on the island, so sanur scares a bit, but Sanur is representative and the founder of the brand.If you look at Bali, which is not mi-ha- and Bali in the early stages of development, you will be here.Access from the airport is about 30 minutes.

The current situation in the town is very calm and you can enjoy the resort life.For a time, bali has been visited by development swarms on all islands, and the sanur district, which precedes it, has a very calm atmosphere.It is very popular with foreign tourists who prefer such an atmosphere in the elderly in Europe and the United States, and there are a lot of people who live there.When I walk in this area, I meet a lot of people who say, "This person is not a traveler."They.I like this place and live there.Because the security is high naturally, and the people degree is high, it is not a persistent thing sale at all.

The hotel we stayed in and stayed a little longer was the Tanjung Sari Hotel.It is a long-established hotel with a balinese feel like Bali, and the cost of accommodation was standard.Tanjung Sari is located between Danube Tamblingan Street and Sanur Beach, just off the sea and the streets.This long-established hotel in Sanur has been around for more than 50 years.Speaking of Bali, it is built with traditional Balinese architectural techniques with straw roofs.There is also a barre with mattresses in each courtyard.You can take a nap comfortably here.And all of those rooms are separate and separate bungalows.If you can imagine the simple resort of the so-called southern island, i think the current life of Tanjung Sari Hotel is the case.There is no TV in the bungalows of Tanjung Sari, the ultimate resort.It's simple.However, there is also a library outside, with board games and books from around the world.You have a set of materials for a typical resort life.You can enjoy an effortless holiday where you can see your favorite book while listening to the waves on the beach chair.By the way, we naturally tried this puff-o-man, but in 30 minutes we got bored and went to swim in the sea.I thought that poverty was not able to come off.

I went with a woman from Lipi-Ta, Bali, so it was easy to guess where to go and what to do with souvenirs.Lipita-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-tNusa Dua was originally developed as a resort, and the security level is very high.I actually went there and found it very well.There are ultra-luxury five-star resort hotels in the district, such as Grand Hyatt and Conrad, and i was surprised.This time, we took off the Nusa Dua and decided to stay in Sanur and stayed in Tanjung Sari.I basically tried to stay at the hotel, so I didn't go to the tourist area very much.However, two of her recommended temples of Lipi-Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-tOne will be tanalot temple.Like in Japan, there is no spiritual experience by visiting, but it was a very nice temple.It seems to be one of the six great temples in Bali to hear the story of the guide of other groups leaked.It was a popular sightseeing in Japan, where the location of the western coast of Bali is located on the coast of the midwest of Bali and can be walked by the full of seawater.But at night, it was different.The Tanah Lot Temple, reflected in the background of dusk, is besides that beautifully bought.Therefore, there were a lot of people at night because the person who tried to see this at a glance came.

As a souvenir, I bought a little round standard chocolate ret, but i bought quite a bit of batik miscellaneous goods because it was something that had changed in the immediate future.Batik miscellaneous goods are popular in areas such as Indonesia and Malaysia, including Bali.As a matter of fact
If you're walking through bali's various markets, you'll see colorful and patterned accessories – but that's the batik miscellaneous goods.Among them, batik miscellaneous goods, it is still a staple stall.When I brought it back to Japan, I could put it on the wall, put it on a bed or a chair, so I bought quite a few people and distributed them at the company.Also, when I went around the island for sightseeing, I put it on my bag as a fuassion.

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