Bali trip of the high satisfaction by the priority admission to the superb view bar of longing

Stay for 5 nights in April 2019.

In the Jimbaran area, which has a reputation for beautiful sunsets, we stayed at the 5-star Ayana Resort & Spa Bali for the "Rock Bar", a scenic bar in the famous sea.There are many pools and multi-national restaurants on the vast grounds, so you won't get tired of spending the whole day in a hotel.Before entering the hotel, there was a strict security check and there were some staff who could speak Japanese.The rooms have a slightly ranked deluxe ocean view, balinese décor, luxurious marble bathrooms, sea views from the balcony and daily tropical fruit service.The highlight of this hotel is the Rock Bar, which has become one of Bali's most popular tourist attractions, and the waves on the terrace built on the cliffs are so powerful.In the time just before sunset, tourists flock to the cable car to access the bar, but guests have the privilege of preferential entry, and long lines can be guided to a panoramic view of the openness of the seats.The sea spreadout is beautiful, but it was quite hot until the sun went down because there was nothing to block, and the parasol was held.The drink is quite expensive at about 2,000 yen, but the scenery spreads so that you don't think it's expensive at all.As the sun goes down, candles light up and create an increasingly romantic atmosphere.The sound of waves, the sea breeze, and the dynamic sunset were breathtaking and it was a moment that seemed worth coming to.There was also a large saltwater therapy pool in other hotels, and it was very pleasant to receive a full-fledged treatment while looking at the sea.Most of the meals were served in the hotel, but the indonesian dishes of nasigoreren and satay (yakitori) were of course delicious, and there were also Italian and Japanese dishes, so we enjoyed the menu abundantly.

I went to Kuta, where I wanted a T-shirt and a dress, and had a reputation for being cheap, but the tout was persistent and I was stumped.They follow me all the time and they talk to me, "I have a good cruising, so i don't want to ride it" or "I have a cheap tour in Ubud."When i walk into the shop to shake it off, i'm waiting for it to come out.It came even if it refused and it refused and it was really unpleasant.Moreover, in the shop where I tried to buy a T-shirt, it is said in Japanese in Japanese when i cut it off a little, and when I leave the shop, "Then it is fine", "It is fine"I was very uncomfortable because i was thrown away.I don't want to go to Kuta again.The beach was famous, so I went there, but it was not clean at all, and the vendors flocked and left early.Seminyak in a different shopping area seems to have a lot of sophisticated shops.There was no persistent tout, so I wished I had come here from the beginning."Feather and Found" is recommended, and there are a lot of miscellaneous goods such as colorful ethnic dresses, sandals, basket bags and accessories, and i wore the item here all the time during my stay.There are plenty of fashionable restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy Balinese coffee and smoothies when you want to take a break because it's hot.The massage is also clean and cheaper than the hotel.Seminyak had a good atmosphere and liked it very much.We went to Lembongan Island to experience diving only once.I was on the boat for about 30 minutes, but the smell of oilAnd, i felt sick a little swaying.I was able to sleep in the shade from the middle.However, when i arrived at the island, I was completely pleased with the cleanliness of the sea, and the sea of the mainland Bali was not so beautiful, but the remote island was quite different.I think it was probably the most fish-surrounded moment in my life, even if the fish didn't have to dive into the colorful tropical fish you see in the anime.I also encountered a pretty big ai.We had lunch on the boat that the local staff had made.For some reason, mayonnaise was a very simple sandwich with a sweet feeling, but it was so delicious that tears came out.The hotel's luxurious meals were also delicious, but it might be the most memorable meal.

The site "Bali Navi" is rich in information.What I thought was better to take is sunscreen, although I can buy it locally.There are a lot of things with a strong smell in the local thing, and the feeling that i put on sunscreen is really amazing.

Because the souvenir for the scatter melts and it is not so delicious, the bath gel, the bath salts, and the body care product are recommended.You can get oriental scents that are typical of Bali at a low price.Also, I went to the rock bar this time for a really great experience, and i would definitely recommend staying at Ayana if you're going to the rock bar.There seems to be a "floating breakfast", some hotels that serve breakfast floating in the pool that shines on sns, i want to experience it next time.