Yoga Girls' Bali Trip

I went there for five nights in November 2015.
It was just before the rainy season.

We stayed at the Barirani Hotel in kuta district for shopping and sightseeing.
The hotel also has a pool, massage services and Wi-Fi.For some reason, there is only one table tennis table.The food was also delicious.
There is a convenience store nearby, and there are a lot of restaurants, so it is very convenient.
The facilities are very clean and comfortable and the accommodation costs are relatively reasonable.
Please note that there is no staff who can speak Japanese and cannot communicate, so it is not recommended on a trip for those who cannot speak English.

We went to Kuta, Ubud and Seminyak.
In kuta, we shopped at discovery shopping mall.
There is a large mall with a variety of souvenirs and fashion.
The souvenir corner has a lot of yoga-like things such as om wood carving scarves and Ganesha god and Shiva god, and yoga girls are excited.In addition, there are a lot of things like bali such as miscellaneous goods of plumeria motif, soap, and cloth.
However, because it is a shop for tourists, it is about twice as much as the market that the local person shops.Still, because it is cheaper than Japan, I make ukiuki, and i buy it inadvertently.
It is highly recommended to listen to the recommended market to the local person to endure once.
In fact, I happened to have a chance to make friends with local people, and i took them to the market by motorcycle.I don't know the location or name of the shop because i was still taken away.Excuse me.
There, for about half the price of a souvenir shop, you can do good shopping by selling balinese accessories, incense, clothing, miscellaneous goods, sweets and various things.
However, there was a thing only in the souvenir shop, and I think that it is good to visit both and to choose it.
I also went to Kuta Beach.
The wind is strong and it is an impression for surfing.
The sea water was not so beautiful.
I didn't do any swimming.
I was a little surprised because I had the image of a beach resort.
And, shirodara received, too.
It is an oil massage of the scalp and a whole body oil massage.
Because it is a massage like stroking, please be careful of the person of the tickle.
I took yoga lessons in Ubud.
There are two locations: Tamanhati and Bagusjati.
It took about two hours by car from the hotel.
At Tamanhati, my teacher has lived in Japan and he speaks Katakoto's Japanese.Because the atmosphere is good in a mysterious building, i am attracted to the place and concentration increases.The lesson content is pretty hard.I also practice yoga on a daily basis, i have a muscle ache, so if you are not physically fit or a beginner yoga, please be careful.
Next is Bagusjati.
Bagusjati is also a place to stay.It is a considerably good price when it comes to accommodation.
The facility is in the wilderness.
It's a wonderful environment where you can feel the trees and the fresh air.
The environment is quiet and time flows slowly.
The yoga lessons were excellent.
Both beginners of yoga and experienced people can enjoy it comfortably.
After the lesson, you can enter the pool or spa.
The pool was very cold and the spa was a relaxing hot water.You can also enjoy a meal at Bagusjati, and mango juice is served in Japanese yen for about 400 yen.
It was a personal impression, but it was delicious as much as the famous high-quality mango of Miyazaki.
It seems to be a mango raised in bagusjati.
There were many fashion shops in Seminyak.
I enjoyed window shopping without purchasing it in particular.

I don't use the site or app because most of my friends planned and guided me.
Travel Days and Cotrip, a tourist magazine, were helpful.
In order to explore various places, you need to keep drunk because you are moving around by car.Because the ride time of the airplane is long, it is comfortable when there is a pillow and the wearing, etc.
I could only use Wi-Fi at the hotel.
If you want to enhance the net environment, I think you should rent pocket Wi-Fi.

If you don't like rain, let's go out of the rainy season.
The rainy season in Bali is said to be from November to March.
It was sunny every day around the middle of November.
Bali is very sunny and ultraviolet light is strong.
If you don't want to get sunburned, you should prepare some strong sunscreen and cardigans.Don't forget to wear tanning care equipment!
I was licking the balinese sunshine
I cried for the skin of my shoulders because i had zero sunburn care, not enough, and i had weak sunscreen.
I didn't have the impression that Kuta or Ubud could speak Japanese, so if you can't speak English, it's a relief to remember travel English conversation a little.
Or make the most of the translation app.
If you are taking yoga lessons,
We were fine where we went.
Some places where yoga mats are not clean.
Therefore, it is safe when there is a my mat because it is ok for travel.