Bali Travel

Stay 10 days from late March to the beginning of April 2019

1.Kuta District
I decided here to do shopping at the Discovery Mall and Kuta Square, a large shopping mall.There are many locals, and in the evening it becomes even more lively to see the sunset on the beach.I think it's a popular area, but I felt that prices and accommodation prices were relatively cheap.There is a lot of traffic on the main street, and the road is also decoboco, so you need to be careful when walking.The location was very close to the airport, a 30-minute drive away.
Hotel Name: Febriz Hotel and Spa
I think it's a three-star level.The location, location, service and cleanliness are all satisfactory.The building feels a little old, but cospa is good, so I want to stay again when I go to Kuta.There is also a concierge, so you can help with sightseeing.The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, tv, fridge and balcony.WiFi can also be used though the line sometimes becomes bad.The water pressure of the shower is usual, but hot water comes out neatly.You can also order room service.Housekeeping seems to change from day to day, and the way towels are folded and decorated with flowers varies, but i'm looking forward to it.If you look at the hotel users, there were a lot of families, so I think it's for families.You can also eat Indonesian food at the hotel's restaurant, but there is a Kartika street right in front of you, and it was easy to eat out because there is a restaurant.It is bright because there are a lot of shops in the night road.

2.Jimbaran District
This is an area with many luxury hotels.Looking around, there were some buildings under construction, so I think it will continue to develop.There were a lot of shops where the fish was skewered and the barbecue was done when going to the sea side because the fishing was active in Jimbaran Beach.
Hotel Name: Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay
I was allowed to have the best luxury.The service is also top notch.The hospitality is great.The staff are very friendly and helpful.All rooms are detached villas with a master pool, private pool and private beach.Yoga and activities are also available.Because it is wide, it moves by the buggy.It is the impression that a couple and a family can enjoy it.There were few insects in this hotel.There is a staff who speak Japanese, so even if you are not good at English, you can stay at the hotel with peace of mind.The breakfast buffet is also plentiful.The price is not reasonable, but it is more than the price.

I was able to buy a lot of souvenirs at Discovery Mall.Balinese mugs are sold at Starbucks.In the evening, you can see the sunset from the mall.MorvariGalleria also sells food courts and desserts, so you can shop, eat and take a break.There is a large supermarket on the second floor, so I bought famous baron cookies, mongo chocolate, never-before-seen shrimp rice crackers, dried mango, nasigoreng, instant noodles, etc. as a souvenir for my friends.Instant noodles were too spicy to eat, but others were well received.

We took a cycling tour from Kintamani to Ubud.It's the same island, but it was interesting to see the scenery changing from district to district while feeling the wind.
The Kintamani region was home to my friends, so I went to see them.The south of Bali is flourishing in tourist cities, but the north side is not so.There were few shops, and i could only speak Indonesian.

Most of the souvenir shops say high prices at first, so please try to negotiate the price while enjoying the interaction with the local people.I think i can do a good shopping.I played a game with the shop man three times, and in Indonesian, which is not good for a man, I said ,"Gantenbanga( cool!Will you marry me in English. (Get married!I had a discount to give a discount and give a compliment.

Sites, apps
Bali King's Site: I used it in advance to go to Bali.It's rough and easy to understand.
Experian: I used it to see hotel ratings, reviews and photos.
Google Maps: Find your location, restaurants, supermarkets, and more.
Point Indonesia: Simple Indonesian such as greetings are included in this app.It is convenient because i can use it offline.

Convenient Goods
Eco Bag: It is convenient to put it in the main bag for the time when you buy too much souvenirs.
Wet tissue: Wipe this when the table or silver in the restaurant is dirty.
Tissue: If there is no toilet paper, there is no trouble.
Mobile battery: It was made sense that the battery of the smartphone ran out on the way.It is safe to have it because I often use a smartphone and WiFi by the research when traveling.
Mosquito incense: I left it on the balcony of the hotel.It is absolutely necessary because there are mosquitoes.

Sunscreen measures and insect repellent measures should be made to the full.
Sunscreen and sunscreen are sold, but the quality is better in Japan.

When I arrived at Denpasar Airport, there were a lot of people who said,"I'm going to have luggage", but I think it's better to go through.You will be asked for a tip.Also, there is no airport or around the airport, so it's a good idea to make it possible to arrive in perfect condition.

If the toilet is an old shop, the usage is different from Japan.Because there is no tank and lever which pours water, it is necessary to scoop water from a big bucket in the private room and throw it into the toilet.

Most service charges have already been added in restaurants, but the chip system is not gone.If you ask for special service at the hotel or get a good service at a massage or spa, please give us a tip.When you take a taxi, it seems that the main thing is to give a piece of change as a tip.Therefore, it is a good idea to fine-tune the japanese yen when you convert it to rupiah.

Most people speak Japanese in bali's tourist attractions.Denpasar Airport seems to be more English-speaking than Japanese.It is not necessary to go sightseeing without studying the language for travel, but if you want to leave a tourist destination or go to a shop where the local people go, it is better to speak Indonesian to some extent.There are a lot of shy people in Indonesia, so there aren't many people who talk to me from the other side, but when I talk to them from here, they talk to me a lot.There are many people who are used to foreign people and are good at it, so please talk to them positively.