First experience bali trip

It was in August 2008 that I traveled to Bali.
In total it was a five-day stay.

The area where I stayed is Nusa Dua.
We stayed at a luxury hotel called Grand Hyatt.
I think the Grand Hyatt itself is a famous hotel, but the Grand Hyatt in Bali is also a luxury hotel, so I was very happy with the stay.The room was quite large, there was another big sofa besides the bed, and there were a lot of cushions, and it was comfortable and comfortable, and i think that the time spent on the sofa was longer than the bed.There is also a pool in the hotel, so if you feel tired from the sea breeze and seawater, you can soak up the pool and lie down on a poolside parasol and reclining seat.It was a very luxurious time for the boy to bring me a drink.It is a detailed story, but I remember that the bath towel which is good to use by the guest distributed there is very big, and it is a fluffy specification, and the feeling was very pleasant.
There is also a beach near the Grand Hyatt, so it's nice to walk.I decided to stay in Nusa Dua because it was close to a luxury hotel and a beach.There was a commercial facility in the vicinity of the hotel, so i was able to choose enough shopping and souvenirs, and i was able to enjoy a lot of marine sports on the beach.The hotel's buffet supper sat delicious and the spa was a perfect hotel, so you could do everything you wanted to do while you were in the hotel.

To be honest, staying at the Grand Hyatt was my purpose, and it was a trip to feel like a resort and to soothe my daily fatigue, so I didn't go to many places like a normal sightseeing trip.Still very happy and fun.
That said, I didn't go out at all, so I took a local optional tour to see the ketchup dance at Uluwatu Temple.Many naked men can watch some religious ritual-like dances as they stretch their hands wide into the sky, chanting words like a spell.I heard that Indonesia is a kecha dance, so I thought I'd just take a look at it.Not only did I feel a lot of cultural differences in the very psychedelic ritual, but I also felt like I had come to a foreign land.
We were able to pick up and receive a taxi, but we were able to take the tour very safely on the local tour.
I enjoyed marine sports along the beach, but I did parasailing and scuba dives.
As a note here, I felt that it was dangerous because i paid for the option because it was not a service that local young people set up and offered, but only by holding tools and other services.
There was no explanation in parasailing, and when I thought that I was wearing a harness suddenly, when a small cruiser that was waiting at sea started running, my body went up to about 50m above the sky in no time.It was fun in and of itself, but when I returned to the ground, I was surprised to see the feeling that my body was suddenly falling to the ground.When I looked at the ground feeling that it was going to fall like this, I could see the young people who had just put on their harnesses making gestures to pull the right rope, and when I did it on the street, I felt the fall ing speed settled down slowly, and i was able to slowly adjust it so as not to crash into the ground by fumbling while remembering the feeling.But if I panicked and thought I might have fallen to the ground as it is, I'm still a little scared.
Scuba diving was similarly carried out in wet suits, carrying oxygen cylinders, and going to the offing of the boat.Then, it was taught only that it breathed in this cylinder, and it was made to dive to the sea as it was.Then the diver takes my hand and dives at once.I later went through diving elsewhere and found out that i was a beginner and took me to about 12-15m.Usually beginners have to dive and the depth is a little shallower, even if the instructor is there.
And i didn't know that, so I enjoyed diving as i was taken away.I enjoyed the scuba diving experience, but when I came back to the ground, I noticed something wrong with my ears.I can't hear my right ear at all.When I got scared and went to the hospital, I found that the eardrum was a little crazy because of the pressure.If you dive above a certain depth when diving, you may cause abnormalities in the eardrum if you do not do the work of pulling out the ear.This problem occurred because i didn't do it.Fortunately, the problem was solved by dripping medicine in the ear one day and putting water in from the outside of the ear the next day, and becoming audible.However, it is needless to say that extra expense was done to the treatment expense.
If you can give advice from my experience, if you want to do active sports, you should choose the services offered by a proper company.

At that time, 2008 was not widely used smartphone, so i did not use such sites and apps.
Only the bali tourist guidebook i bought at the bookstore was the only information, but it was still enough.

I think the environment has changed a lot between the time I went and the present.
Still, it is still a developing country, so it is good to watch out for pickpockets and robbers, to use hotel taxis without picking up sink taxis, and to ask for a reliable local tour.