Stay in two areas and enjoy bali

I went on a trip in October, when the dry season to the rainy season changed.I was able to take the airplane comparatively cheaply because I did not wear it in summer vacation.I stayed for ten days because I was able to take a long vacation.

Bali was said to be able to enjoy different areas, so we stayed five nights at a time in kuta area near the sea and in the Ubud area, which is very relaxing in the countryside.
I stayed at Amynaya Resort Kuta in Kuta area.It was easy to walk from the main street about 100 m.I think that it is a place because it is able to spend quietly though it is near the main street.The shopping center was very clean and clean because they could pick you up with an electric cart.Kuta Beach is also close by and is a great place to stay for sea activities.It was very easy to go back to the hotel after swimming in the sea and eat on the main street.The nightlife was good, there were many clubs and bars, so i was able to get back to the hotel right away, so i didn't have to worry about going home even if I was playing late.
In Ubud, we stayed in a relatively cheap villa called Pondok Sawaasli.The room had a luxurious pool and was equipped with a kitchen and wifi, so I was able to spend a relaxing private time with my friends.Ubud is a natural area with rice fields, so i was able to forget the time and relax my daily fatigue.The villa is a long way from the centre and takes about 30 minutes on foot, but i was able to rent a bicycle, so it was nice to be cycling along a country road.There are many restaurants in the area that offer yoga classes and organic dishes, so I thought it would be recommended for health-conscious people.I also enjoyed cycling and looking for a stylish café.

Souvenirs and shopping are available on the Beach Walk in kuta district and on The Pantaita Street on the main street.Dfs, a duty-free shop, was also near Kuta, so when i had a brand i was looking for, I went to kuta area and looked around with him.The main street had a good nightlife and enjoyed clubs and bars, but there were so many touts and places where the security seemed to be bad, so I thought it was better to be careful not to take the wind off too much.Especially at the club, I've seen a lot of drunk Japanese, so I think you should be careful not to be embarrassed.
I went sightseeing at Uluwatu Temple in the southern part of Bali.It was also a power spot, and when i visited it at the time of sunset, I could see a very beautiful view.We applied for a half-day tour of Uluwatu Temple.It was a tour with dinner and traditional Balinese dances, and i was very satisfied.Traditional dance is full of force because it dances only with the voice of a person without using musical instruments.It was dark after watching the sunset, but i was able to go home with peace of mind because it was a tour with hotel transfers.
Another tour was on Lembongan Island.Because it is a remote island, I applied for the tour which used the whole day.It was a tour where you can explore snorkeling and mangrove forests, so you could enjoy the island.Of course, we had lunch, so we were able to go around freely without worrying about where to eat even on our first island.The mangroves on Lembongan Island were so big that I could feel the greatness of nature and it was moving.In snorkeling, i was able to see a lot of coral reefs, and i was fascinated by the beauty of the sea like no other.It was my first time snorkeling, but a guide who knew the local recommendations took me there, so I was satisfied to see tropical fish.
I used to take tours in the distance, but i enjoyed walking around the city and walking around the city, there were gates like ruins, there were temples, and i enjoyed walking on my own feet.I think it's fun to decide on a restaurant on a random basis while walking.

I used the site "Tabinaka" to book a tour.There was a lot of word-of-mouth information, and most of the tours that could speak Japanese, so I was able to use it with confidence.I think that it is better to have the insect repellent when going to see the mangrove on the tour etc.It was convenient to use it in various situations when I took a wet tissue.

People in Bali speak Japanese a little like Hawaiianpeople, so I thought that if i could speak English even a little bit, I would be able to enjoy it a little differently.I was relieved that there were people who could speak Japanese on the tour, but when We tried to walk around the city ourselves, we were often confused by simple restaurants.Also, if you want to enjoy the nightlife, i thought it would be better to decide which place to go in advance.If you don't check it out properly, you'll end up in a bad club or bar without knowing it, so you should be prepared to enjoy it.