Enjoy beach clubs and shopping around Seminyak.

In January of 2019 last year, I traveled with a friend on a four-night, six-day schedule.The rainy season had just started, but i was able to stay comfortably with little rain.

I shared a villa-type private accommodation in Seminyak with a friend.I searched for two bedrooms with a pool and was able to stay at a lower price than staying in a villa in the Seminyak area, which was a bit expensive.
It was a quiet and safe area at night, as it was located in an area lined with luxury villas just a short drive from seminyak's main street.
Not to mention daily room service, the boy prepared breakfast every day (i can tell you what i want on the menu), and the towels changed to a new one, so I was able to stay comfortably every day (there are many cases where there is no change of towels).

The main purpose of this trip was to enjoy the Beach Club.The length of my stay was limited, so I consulted with my friends many times and carefully selected them for two things: Sundays Beach Club and Finns Beach Club.
The first time I visited, Sundays Beach Club was in the ungasan area, which is familiar to us at Uluwatu Temple, where we chartered a taxi for a day.It is possible to look for the foot of the return in the locale, but it was correct by chartering one day because I wanted to move freely.The location was very clean from this beach club, so we moved from around 16 o'clock to a beautiful restaurant and enjoyed a meal.
Sundays Beach Club is so popular that it's better for those who want to keep their beach chairs open and visit at the same time.Anyway, the charm here is the color of the sea with good location and high transparency.Spend a relaxing day at the beachside.

The next visit is Finns Beach Club, which is located in a relatively new area, Canggu.Since you can't get in a taxi to Canggu, you need to secure your return leg.From the Seminyak area, you can take a taxi in about 20 minutes, so you can enjoy it without taking a day."This is a beach club!"It is not an exaggeration to say that the refined interior and atmosphere that said is bali popular no.1.If you don't use a beach chair, you won't have a minimum charge, so it's a nice point to be able to drop in.Visit these two beach clubs!

When you're shopping, there's a binge supermarket at the entrance to the Seminyak area.Because the standard that is included in the guidebook is almost exhaustive, things will be enough in this one.It is easy to understand than the supermarket of Kuta and Legian and a moderate size is attractive.
If you want to look for fashionable goods and T-shirts, it is recommended to go around the road side shop in the Seminyak area and enter the shop to be worried about.If you have plenty of time, you might want to visit the surfer's city of Canggu.It's more stylish than the Seminyak area, and it feels like you've visited the west coast of the United States.

Bali's ride-sharing app is recommended because the app "GO JERK" is the most convenient to use.On various sites, "catch the Bluebird taxi", but you can not actually catch easily, this app was the most convenient.When you are alone, you can use a taxi when you move with a motorcycle or a friend.You can specify your destination on the map like UBER and GRAB, and you can see the price, so there are few troubles.

In addition, when you do research on souvenirs and beaches, the "Bali Trip Only" is a push, famous for its manager, Handsome Hori.It is configured to be very easy to see a lot of photos, and it will be enough only in this site because it covers all kinds of Bali information.

The biggest stress of traveling to Bali is the length of waiting times for immigration.Even though it's a popular tourist destination, the airport's employees are still working in the government office and it takes time for the procedures to be completed.It's more stressful than long flights, so it's a good idea to use your own priority entry service at the airport or travel agency.
It is easy to budget over if you seek good access to the beach and good location when deciding on accommodation, so i think it would be a highly satisfying trip to decide on a hotel based on the facilities and cleanliness of the hotel by dividing it.
Moreover, because the hit of the restaurant is very large, it is likely to fail when entering the shop etc. which passed somehow on the spot on the day.It is recommended that you pick up some restaurants in advance in guidebooks and word of mouth sites.