Bali trip to enjoy the sea and surfing

I visited in August on a trip of three nights and five days.

 I stayed in the Legian area.I was traveling with my friends when I was a student who likes to surf, so I decided from the beginning that if I was going to Bali, I would be able to enjoy surfing.Bali's Legian Beach is so beautiful that surfers are said to want to visit once, and if you watch brochures and YouTube videos with your friends, you'll find that you're only here.
 The hotel was facing legian beach at legian beach, but the interior was very stylish in the rooms with Balinese-specific decorative furniture and a modern atmosphere.There are also so many tourists for surfing purposes that each of us who have a board in hand and a surfer is uplifting even before we enter the sea.
 The hotel also focuses on meals, and the best dishes are cheese-based dishes and fruit cocktails.The cheese fondue, which was eaten with cheese in ham and sausage, was the most delicious, and the rich cheese taste and rich fruit cocktails matched exquisitely and were delicious.In addition, it is a superb view of Bali that brings out the deliciousness.The restaurant faces the beach, so you can dine while watching bali's beautiful sea and sunset.
 There are a lot of Japanese tourists, so it's nice to have japanese staff inside.I didn't have confidence in english conversation, but I didn't have any difficulty communicating with the hotel staff.
If you're a surfing person, you've decided on this area and the hotel and there's nothing wrong with that.The access to the sea is good, the food is delicious, and we were able to have a good time together, so spending time at Legian Beach is a lifelong reminder to be with friends.

 We visited for surfing purposes, so we were playing with the waves exclusively at Legian Beach.As a precaution, legian waves aren't that rough, but the position away from the beach is a point for advanced people with rough waves.Even my friends who are used to surfing were surprised by the roughwaves more than they looked at, so if you're a beginner, be careful.
 In addition, security is not that good, so be careful when sightseeing in the city at night.We didn't get into any particular trouble, but we saw another group of Japanese tourists being snatched and with the local police.There may be language barriers, but the local police are not friendly to tourists, it's really like they're done with minimal procedures.I think it's natural for people to travel abroad, but bali is not only looking at the beautiful streets, but also fully aware that there are dangers, and there is nothing better than sightseeing with the consciousness of protecting yourself.
 I have written a dark thing, bali's streets are beautiful in a unique atmosphere even if you subtract it, it is a place that I want you to visit by all means if you like the sea.
 Speaking of bali souvenirs, I think there are sweets made with chocolate and cheese.However, because i went to Bali, the thing that I want you to buy might be aroma.I purchased a souvenir at the hotel, but it seemed to put the most effort into the corner of the smell of Bali.There were a lot of kinds of products such as aromas, essential oils, shampoo conditioners, etc. that cannot be thought in Japan.What I would like to recommend is a non-silicone shampoo containing coconut oil.It is attractive that the smell remains even after the sweet smell is pleasantly finished shampooing, and a soft, good smell tickles the nose before going to bed, and it is possible to enter sleep in a comfortable, relaxed state.By the way, I still like it so much that I order it from an overseas site, and a pleasant time of Bali revives when I smell this shampoo.

 I don't think there's a problem with basic overseas travel items.Because the sun is very strong, it is essential to apply sunscreen cream even if you do not enter the sea.In addition, if you have a map of pocket Wi-Fi and smartphone app, you will be able to go to your destination without getting lost.
 Bali is a tourist spot that is easy to understand English of japanese language, but if you are really worried about English, i think you may want to consider using it because there are pocket translation machines around these days.

 We went to Bali for surfing purposes and had a great time.It was good to travel only by the sea, but if you think about it now, I think it would have been nice to see a little more "mountains".There are many places in Bali that are called famous sites for spectacular views, and I think that there was an option to go around various places because I went on a trip with great pains if I should have visited such a place and enjoyed the scenery.