New Year on The Island of God

It is a 4-night stay from 12 March 2013.It was the season of New Year's Day in Bali Hinduism.

After watching my favorite Julia Roberts movie "Eat, Pray and Fall In Love", I found out that it was ubud when I looked at the location of the movie scene, so I decided to stay in that area.I stayed at three different hotels in the Ubud area.The first two nights were about a 20-minute walk from ubud's city centre, and the second two nights stayed at the nearby suara alam villa and spa from the Neka Museum.

Kutut's place is a typical guest house in Bali, where the owner, Kutut, his wife, his wife, his wife, and his wife' parents and daughter lived on site.In addition to the family's bedroom and kitchen buildings, it was a guest house where the balinese's daily life was glimpsed, as it seemed to be a place where the temple of the family and the building where various Balinese Hindu ceremonies performed various rituals were set up.There were a lot of stone statues of Ganesha and Balinese Hinduism in the very nicely maintained garden, and there were chanan offerings everywhere.

The first night was new year's eve in the Balinese calendar, and the next day i happened to be in the New Year called Nupi.Not only did shops in town close on this day, but it was also a "day of silence" when even Bali's international airport was closed, and tourists were not allowed outside the property.So I spent a whole day in the grounds of kutut's place.I was instructed not to use electricity as much as possible, and at night I had a very valuable experience of eating with other guests with only candles, and then spending time with one light light handed out to the guests.

On this day, I got a little tired of exploring the premises all day, and when I went to see them preparing dinner, my wife told me to cook dinner together, put them in the kitchen, sliding herbs and spices i've never seen before, and cooked dishes like salads with peanut sauce called Gadgado and grilled chicken dishes called satay.It was really fun.Dinner in the dark is a very unique experience, and this is one of the most wonderful memories I've ever had on a trip to Bali.

After researching the second two nights on TripAdvisor, we decided to suara alam villa and spa, which was very stylish and excellent in view on a budget.This is a small but beautiful villa as expected, and the front of the room was a valley.There was a big palm tree growing from the valley, and I liked the view very much.At night, a lot of fireflies came out of the valley and it was very fantastic.The staff were only two young brothers of the owner's relatives, but they were very kind and comfortable.

Bali's money is so low that you can't get used to it before you pass it on to a taxi driver or a shop clerk by mistake.Of course, it is better to be careful because it will not return even if it passes a lot of the other side.I have no sense of land, and i have a driver hired for a day to guide me, but it is recommended because it saves time.I think it was about 5,000 yen a day.

Ubud has many wonderful cafes and souvenir shops.Not to mention Balinese, the restaurant also has specialized in Italian, French, curry, Japanese food, and vegan food, and it is very substantial.Moreover, there are a lot of cosmetics shops and spas of the nature school, and it is a place recommended for the girl travel ing very much.Organic cosmetics and soaps were pleased with the souvenirs.

Other activities were fun with rafting.We went down the Ayung River through the jungle for about an hour and a half.Sometimes there are torrents, waterfalls, and thrilling moments.You can also swim in the river in the gentle flow.Because it is in the jungle, it is very healed, and it is recommended for the person who wants to do a little different thing for a mere sightseeing because there is a beautiful sculpture on the riverbank.The guide was also a very fun brother.If you go down and finish, you'll have a delicious lunch.

Another recommendation for the person who has the remainder in physical strength is a climbing mountain.I climbed Mount Batur.It begins to climb at about three o'clock in the morning, and the morning sun is climbed up the mountain.The scenery is the best though it is very good.

Cooking classes are also recommended.You can learn traditional Balinese cuisine.There are many English classes, but there are also Japanese classes.

I think that the convenient site is TripAdvisor that the number of word of mouth is a lot after all.The site called Fort Label is also interesting.In the book, i made a plan referring to aruco and the way of walking of the earth from the how to walk of the earth series.Take a lot of sunscreen and insect repellent spray.

I didn't have any problems forgetting to take something from Japan because everything was available there.Religion is so closely related to people's lives that you can feel the atmosphere.