Luxury, photogenic journey in the villa

Last May, I stayed for five nights.
There are many other things, about four to six nights, it is a feeling of less than one week.Airlines like star alliances, so they go all the way to Singapore, and they play in Singapore on their way home for longer transit, but i think Garuda is probably the easier.Singapore Airlines is better if you go with the quality of the airline.

The area is always Seminyak.
I've been to Bali about five times, but i can't take suminyak off when I use two hotels.There are a lot of Westerners, there are a lot of delicious restaurants, it is calm, and the security is not bad either.
Zasamaya accommodation.I'm staying in a cheap villa, but it's basically okay.However, i think that there is a small place at random, and the image of the travel site firmly, it is recommended to look at the word of mouth.Luxury hotels stayed in Zasamaya, Oberoibali, Four Seasons and more.Luxury hotels are great, but I like to find good hotels for medium priced.The villas are like their own luxury resorts, but the big on-the-beach hotels are open and enjoyable.Oberoi and Samaya are right in front of you, but legian's Padma Resort was also the best.It's sandwiched between Kuta and Summinac, and the town is lively and you can take a taxi anywhere.I think that the price is comparatively cheap, too.
I think seminyak is a great place to stay when it comes to villas.I think that it does not go off so much even if it is cheap.Finding cheap places around Kuta is not recommended for people who want to relax, and we are concerned about security.I think that there are quite a lot of various cheap hotels scattered about backpackers.

I always charter a car to Ubud.Go to a shop selling organic soaps and lotions and stop at a fancy café.Ubud is a great place to stay as there is an area where you can wander while walking.The car charter is convenient.
It's fun just to walk to the Seminyak area.There are a lot of shops with a much different price than Japan.I like to stop by the supermarket, buy a lot of money and relax in the villa.
I always go to KUDETA.It's a famous spot around there, but there's a sense of openness and you can relax in front of the sea.The security of the entrance is steady, too.It's also pretty photogenic.It is a classic spot, but it is a favorite place that can not be removed no matter how many times I say it.The rice is also quite delicious.To be honest, the price is not much different from japan.
The usual thing to be careful is not to mistake the taxi company.It is to make sure that the meter is used properly.Because the taxi itself is strangely cheap, I use it to the death.I think that the safest thing to do is to ask for a taxi at the restaurant.(It's not good if it's a cheap dining room or something.)
Also, i sometimes be taken to a strange shop to say that i recommend a chartered car.Sometimes it's really good, but i think it's good to see the driver's atmosphere.Japanese people are thought to be rich, so there are many people who come to duck.Since it is not in Japan, it is always important to act carefully in that regard.

I think that it is good to play variously because the town spa is doing at an unbelievably low price (the level of several hundred yen even if i do something for an hour).Technology is often subtle (laughs), but it's very cheap to throw money.At first, i tried it in a cheap 30 minutes or something, and if I find a good place, I'll ask for it for a long time next time, and i can play like that.

Now I'm going to check on Insta.You can search in places you care about, and look at the pages of people who have traveled to Bali, and find out what looks good.The most convenient thing is TripAdvisor.People all over the world are commenting, so i have confidence.There are quite a lot of pictures, so you can try to translate them into Japanese, so i think it's okay if you don't understand English.
Google Maps is a frequent use in the place where you look for a good place in the neighborhood in the locale.You can see the word of mouth when you put a pin on the spot, and here is also the comment of people all over the world.It is quite convenient because you can choose the place in the vicinity immediately on the map.You can find nice spots that are not listed in magazines.
As for travel information, I don't see travel magazines very much because I'm going to know a lot about it.
A reservation is required at the popular restaurant.In particular, there are some restaurants where the sunset looks beautiful, but if you want to have dinner in a nice seat, it's a good idea to check the sunset time of the time and send an email to the restaurant!There are always tourists from all over the world, so it is always crowded regardless of weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays.You may be able to fly from TripAdvisor to the booking site.
There are a lot of mosquitoes, but the impression that i do not hear the insect repellent of Japan so much always procures it in Bali.I will definitely take the medicine for insect bites.

If you are worried, you should go after you know what kind of taxi you take.Because it is often bora, it is better to check the meter and negotiate the price in the road side shop.
Beach vendors may be surrounded when they are ignored or reacted.I don't know about the nightlife because i'm in a hotel, but if you want to play in the downtown area of Kuta, i think it's a good idea to check it out beforehand.

By the way, I have been at a general store at a duty-free shop in the airport, and i have been ripped off at ten times the price when I shop because I wanted to consume small change.I was relieved because it was in the airport, but I did not think anything because it was a consumption purpose, but the word peace of mind does not pass because it is here, I think that it is just right to have a mind of about.

However, prices are very cheap and pleasant.
I want you to visit various spots well, and to play by the town spa.