Healed Women Bali Travel

I went there for seven nights and eight days in October 2018.

On a trip to Bali, i stayed at the Araya Ubud Hotel in the Ubud area for the first three nights and four nights at the Muria Resort Hotel in the Nusa Dua area.I decided to stay at two hotels because there are mountain and beach areas in Bali, so I wanted to enjoy both.In Ubud, we enjoyed the nature of the mountains and the beaches in Nusa Dua.

On a trip to Bali, i enjoyed rafting down the river in Ubud, looked at rice terrace in the area of Tegalalang, near Ubud, and went to bali swing, which is famous for my photographs, to become a real Heidi.It was a great experience because there was a bird cage and a great view of Ubud.Of course, it was a good place to shine a photo.We also went to Taman Ayun Temple, Tanah Lot Temple, Goagaja Temple and Uluwatu Temple.At Uluwatu Temple, we enjoyed the famous Bali dance and kecha dance that we were looking forward to.I was able to watch the sunset while watching the ketchup dance, and it was a wonderful memory.Ketchup dance was a story and not only dance but also interesting content.Ketchup dance is very close to the sense in the audience that many people came to see, so I think you should be careful about your baggage and valuables.However, it is a balinese traditional dance that is very interesting, so i recommend that you take a look at it once when you go to Bali.I went to the rock bar of Ayana Resort in the Jimbaran area, but the view was very good and the sunset was a beautiful place.I also went to Itambakar, which is famous for Jimbaran.I went to Irumbakar by taxi, but I told the squid mba curl that I want to go by a taxi driver who can do Japanese, but i was taken to the taxi driver's recommended shop and protested, but it was so hard to enter the shop there, but i felt very bad because it was a very expensive shop at a tourist spot.Because there are a lot of shops, I think that it is better to check it because there is a shop of the sightseeing spot fee.I think that the taxi driver should be careful about the taxi driver who is good at Japanese.Especially for women.The other day, we also went to Lembongan Island, close to Bali.We went on a tour of Lembongan Island, but we went to Snorkel Point by boat and enjoyed snorkeling, went through the mangroves by boat, and saw the cliffs of Devil Tears.I think Lembongan Island is an island worth a visit.It is recommended that you get from Sanur in Bali to Lembongan Island in about 30 to 40 minutes.And we went shopping in Kuta.There is also a Galleria and a large shopping mall in Kuta.There is also a big supermarket, so I think it's a very good place for souvenirs.The souvenir i bought in Bali was a shop called Utama Spice in the Ubud area, where I bought lip balm and body butter.This is a shop famous for natural cosmetics brands in Bali.Even though it is a natural product, lip balm is very recommended as a souvenir because I can buy it in one Japanese yen for about 120 yen.I also bought a hair treatment for Elipsats at a large supermarket in Kuta.Cospa is very good, so I bought a lot of them for myself as a souvenir for my friend.It's also a good idea to look at a variety of supermarkets, as elipse is even cheaper than the big supermarkets at the supermarkets that localpeople go to.Elips's hair mask was also popular, so I bought it for souvenirs.The Bali Collection in the Nusa Dua area is also a shopping spot, and there are many restaurants and cheap massage shops, so it's a very recommended place.

I also bought a bali travel.com.I used VELTRA for tours and charters, but it is very recommended.I think that insect repellent spray is useful if you go to Ubud or an area where there is nature.I think that it becomes an essential item because there are a lot of mosquitoes especially when Bali goes during the rainy season.

The advice for those who go to Bali is to be careful about taxis.It's important to have the meter moved properly, even if you've been invited to a regular taxi or hotel.Also, be careful about taxis that are too good at Japanese.Also, when you visit a temple in Bali, it's a good idea to wear clothes that are unexposed, so if you plan to go to the temple, wear clothes that are not exposed to your skin.If you want to do a lot of sightseeing after that, it is very convenient to ask for a charter on the site in advance.There is no return and the price might become high when going by taxi, so i highly recommend the spot tour that I want to go to Bali by charter charter for one day.