My first trip to Bali at the level I want to emigrate

August 30 – September 5, 2019
6 nights, 7 days alone

The hotel where you are staying is Rudderbali Hotel.
In Bali, Kuta is the busiest downtown area, so we decided to stay in this area first.
And the reason i decided to this hotel is that it's a price!It has a pool at a low price of 1,800 yen per night.A 3-minute walk from Kuta Beach.The famous Discovery Mall is a 1-minute walk away and the location is perfect.
The room was clean and the hotel was the best hotel i wanted to stay in next time.

The hotel where you are staying is Arnawa Bungalow.
"If you go to Ubud, you won't want to go home, do you?I decided to stay in this area without hesitation.
The hotel is a lovely mini-hotel with a Balinese atmosphere, a 10-minute walk from the famous Monkey Forest.
The location is very convenient for the restaurant, the supermarket and everything.
Ubud has a lot of cheap and nice hotels, so it's definitely a good place to stay!It was not a hotel until i could say.

The hotel in Bali was very friendly and the staff were very friendly.It was my first visit to Bali, and I am grateful that I was able to spend my time in peace.

Terraragan Rice Terrace
Isn't it the most famous tourist attraction in Ubud?
The recommendation of this place is that there are a lot of spots to shine in the photograph even if it says indescribably!
There are also stylish cafes and restaurants overlooking the rice terrace.
And I trekked lightly through rice terrace, but the road was very thin and a little scary.If you are thinking of entering rice terrace, we recommend that you go with sneakers.

【Ubud Market】
All the souvenirs are available in this market!
Everything on the market is sold, from accessories to clothes, bags and Asian goods.
My recommendation is an ethnic cloth.When you go to the sea, you can enjoy the beach mat, and in places where the air conditioning is too effective, it's easy to use, and you'll be pleased with the souvenirs for your friends.
In addition, most products did not have a price tag, and it seemed to be a negotiation system.
At first, you'll be offered a high price, but you may fall by half of the price you've offered, so negotiate the price well.

【Tiltownpur Temple】
It is a popular temple in Bali.
Actually, I wanted to go to this temple, but it's a place I couldn't.
The reason for it is that it is during the physiology when saying why.
On the day I was going to go, I happened to see it on the internet.People who are not clean must enter Balinese Hindu temples.
During menstruation
He is injured and bleeding.
There was unhappiness in the relatives
Within 42 days after childbirth
↑ Be careful because these people may not be able to enter the temple.

The most convenient app for Bali travel is "Grab", a mainstream ride-sharing app in Southeast Asia.
I was traveling alone, so I used a grab bike to travel within 20 minutes.
It's cheaper than a regular taxi or motorcycle taxi, and it's not too bad to get stuck, so you'd better install it before you go on a trip to Bali.
It is a little different from the convenient goods, but still have a sim-free smartphone, not only bali travel, I think it is necessary when traveling to other countries.
In Indonesia, sim cards are also cheap, so it's definitely better than renting pocket Wi-Fi for overseas in Japan.

I have traveled to Bali alone.
There was no scene where I felt that the security was not particularly bad, and i had not thought that it was troubled in particular.
However, it is different from the foreign country and Japan.
Bali is said to have a lot of pickpockets and rip-offs.
I almost forget things that are natural, such as not going out at night or holding a bag in front of me in a place where there are a lot of people.The atmosphere of Bali is too good,
Please take care of your trip to Bali without taking off the saddle too much.