Bali trip of the fulfilling even if happening

August 2018.3 nights and 5 days.

We stayed at a hotel called Hotel Neo Kuta Gerantik in Legian.There are two reasons why I decided to this hotel.The first was that i was able to stay at a cheap price under the plan of a travel agency.The second is the area halfway between the tourist attractions i was planning to visit on a trip to Bali, and i thought it would be accessible.I think that the access was very good without feeling that it was especially far if it moved by a taxi to go wherever it stayed actually.Bali was basic taxi transfer because there was no train or anything in particular.We didn't have breakfast, but we were able to enjoy breakfast by visiting various cafes and places where we could eat in the pool.
The room was clean and comfortable.There was no bathtub, and there was a shower room, a washroom, and a toilet in one door.You shouldn't be in the bathroom while someone is taking a shower, but you didn't have to worry about it.The water was very clean and clean.
One thing that bothered me was that there were no windows and the air conditioning was not good, so even if I had dried my bathing suit for two days, it didn't dry completely.However, the hotel was just a place to sleep, so i didn't feel particularly good.There was a small bar on the first floor, but no one used it very much.It is recommended for those who want to visit Bali cheaply.

When I went to a café in Seminyak for breakfast, I was aware that there was no taxi back home.To be precise, it is possible to take a taxi called Blue Bird Taxi to the city, but only the recommended taxi was allowed because there is a rule that the return should not be taken.In other areas, the recommended blue bird taxi and the way to distinguish between other taxis should be noted when travelling in Bali.
Ubud is a popular tourist destination.It is far from other Bali tourist attractions, so many people are far from the hotel to stay.But still recommend going.It is recommended that you take a charter car for a day by transportation to Ubud.Ubud is an area where there are no ordinary taxis, so you'll end up wasting your time catching a taxi when you're thinking of moving.There are many charter car drivers and people who can speak Japanese, and there are many friendly people.However, drivers often encourage people to go where they don't say they want to go, because sometimes they give you a reward when they take you to a shop that contracts.It was an opportunity to learn about things that were not in the guidebook, so I was able to go and enjoy what I had recommended.However, it may be necessary to tell the person who clearly decides where you want to go, and refuse to go to the shop recommended.
If you go to Ubud, we recommend going to Bali Swing.There is a huge swing called the swing which can become Heidi.I think you can only experience it here as if you were thrown into the forest.It's also a good example on Insta, and you can also aim for "Insta-shine".There are many other photo spots, such as bird's nests and on large rocks.You'll often be waiting in line for a photo shoot, so you'll have plenty of time to visit.

When the mini version of the app, I was using the retrip app a lot.If you are visiting Bali for the first time, many people want to visit major tourist destinations first.For such a person, it is recommended to be a person.They bring together famous tourist attractions that are easy to understand.Retrip also reflects the latest trends.It's a good idea to look at RETRIP for restaurants that are in vogue these days.
What you should take with you is insect repellent spray and muhi.I think that it is better to take it because there are a lot of mosquitoes compared with Japan.However, even if I forgot, I sold it in Bali.

If you're travelling to Bali in winter, be careful to keep long sleeves in your luggage when you're on your way home.It's winter in Japan after i returned to Japan, so it's very cold in the summer clothes I used to wear in Bali.Also, this is true even in summer, but it's also very cold on airplanes, so keep long sleeves, such as hoodies.When you go from Haneda, there are many flights to and from Haneda.It is good to be able to adapt to the temperature there, and the one that it is easy to take off and to wear it.
Also, I think it's important to have fun no matter what happens.I made a mistake in the taxi fare of about 500 yen when I made it to Japanese yen, and 5,000 yen was put out, and there was happening which did not get the change without noticing, and going to the area where there was no taxi on the way back.But it's also an experience!It is a good memories so that it is able to enjoy it with, and it is thought that it wants to go again.I hope there are a lot of people who go on a fun trip to Bali.