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2019.4 4 nights

I often go to Yo-Ropa, and when I stayed in a bad place, I was not very comfortable, so when I decided to go to Bali with my friends, I decided to go to Bali with my friends.Nusa Dua was developed as a resort in the first place, and because of its high level of security, we were able to go out with peace of mind.
The district is home to some of the world's most famous five-star resorts, including the world-renowned Grand Hyatt and Conrad.It's just a resort.Of course, general houses and shops are excluded.I can't find it.The private beach, Nusa Dua Beach, is calm and relaxing.Time flows slowly.If the hands of the clock do not progress slowly, the resolution is not a resolution, so you can check the correctness of your choice.Therefore, i can spend it comfortably without crowding.There is a shopping mall called Bali Collection in the district, which is very convenient to use.However, the product unit price is a little.It is higher than when I went sightseeing in the city.It comes to become a so-called resort price.If you don't stay at least two nights, the goodness of this area is quite difficult to understand.
There are many long-term guests, and i think it is easier to assume the Mediterranean region than the resort in Asia.
Grand Hyatt Bali was the hotel where two girls would stay.The Grand Hyatt Bali where we stayed is very close to the nearest airport, Ngurah Rai International Airport.In Yo-Ropa, it takes 30 minutes to more than an hour to reach the tax.The hotel is about 15-20 minutes by taxi.The bali collection is close to the hotel and the private beach is right in front of the hotel.Of course, the pool also has a waterslide, and you can enjoy the sake of the side gracefully as a matter of course.It's a little expensive, but I've done the same thing at the Sitei Hotel in Japan, but it's half price.

The two girls got together several times and took the time to make a schedule for The Bali Azalea.When I looked down, I saw a travel article about people who had gone to Bali, and they saw the Uluwatu Temple, so I went to the first place.It is a temple known as a power spot.You can enjoy the impressive dance at night dance.The place is located on the southwestern coast of the Badung Peninsula, where the spirits of the sea are enshrined.The temple became a famous spot on the island of Bali, and we went to Tanalot Temple in the taxi-to-taxi temple with other travellers.You can get there in about 45 minutes by car.Tanah Lot Temple has a very beautiful view in the evening.Therefore, many tourists come to see this at a glance.

When I asked someone who had been to Bali a few times about souvenirs, they said Indonesian coffee.According to the study, Indonesia's coffee production is the fourth largest in the world.Starbucks also sold local limited edition items in Bali.I bought ten of them and took them back to Japan.I bought the world's finest coffee ,Kopi Luak, for myself.I looked up on the spot with a smartphone, and was surprised to know how to collect coffee beans from the feces of the cat.

I used the ride-sharing app from Indonesia on site.GOJEK is very similar to GRAB and URBA, which are commonly used overseas.It is an application that was matched to the bike that has become the main in Indonesia.It's a bike, it's much cheaper than using a car, so it's much lighter.

In Bali, there is a considerable variation in the price of things.By far, there is no list price, it should be considered that there is a price cut is the basis.The local dining district is also dirty.However, there is also a convenience store that is neutral, so it is not necessary to cut the price in a certain case.At the hotel in Nusa Dua where we stayed, asians didn't stop much.It might be good for people who don't like being spoken to by the same Japanese because they are Japanese when they travel abroad.By the way, we didn't encounter a single pair of Japanese while we were staying.Conrad, who left Nusa Dua and went out, didn't see him in the pool or in the lobby's public facilities, but i saw a Japanese in a place like a tavern.
There are many times when you suddenly want to eat Japanese food when you go abroad.At such times, there are usually places like Japanese cities that serve Japanese food, but there is no bali.There is chinatown, but Japanese food, because there is only potshot, i thought that it is good to take umeboshi or something.It was useful so that I and the companion came to bring umeboshi and the rice cracker.