A trip to Bali with archaeological tours, traditional dances and beaches

I went to Bali in August 2019.The schedule is 3 nights and 5 days.

In Bali, we stayed at a hotel called Ayana Resort & Spa Bali.The reason I decided to this hotel was because I looked up on the Internet and found out that it was high-end.I thought about a reasonable hotel, but i chose "Ayana Resort & Spa Bali", which is famous for its luxury, because it was a trip to a resort that was only occasionally available.The sea seen from the window with ocean view of this hotel was very beautiful in emerald green.As for the room, it was asian taste, and the bed was large and i was able to stay in a very rich feeling.

The first place I visited in Bali was a rice terrace called Tugalalang on the outskirts of Ubud.It is said that it is registered as a World Heritage site, so I chose it as a tourist site first.I've seen rice terraces exist in Japan, but the scale is completely different from that of Japanese rice terraces.It was so wide that it was not enough to fit the zoom lens of the camera at a wide angle.The rice field looked remarkably beautiful under the clear sky of the blue because the rice field was bright green.There was a palm tree, too and the air felt delicious.

The next thing I went to was The Rock Bar in Jimbaran.This spot is located in the southern part of Bali.There was a rock bar on a large rock surrounded by emerald green seas.In this bar, it was good to enjoy a delicious drink while enjoying the 360-degree panoramic view.It was relatively crowded, but because the table was widely installed, it did not stick to the person during the meal.I went there in the evening, but it was lit up at night and I enjoyed the fantastic atmosphere.

Another place i've visited is Kuta Beach.I visited bali as one of the most recommended beaches.The sandy beach and the sea were beautiful.I went there in the evening, but I think it was good to see the sun setting on the horizon.Especially, the light of the sunset reflected in the sea was moving.

I heard that Uluwatu Temple is famous as a power spot.This spot is a place where you can see the temples of balinese's traditional architecture, and you can also stand on a cape, and it was good to enjoy the beautiful view of the horizon so that you can feel that the earth is round.I thought this spot was also the perfect place to watch the sunset.We also visited at certain times of the festival, and we were able to enjoy the kechuck dance, where the men dance uniquely.

I heard that Tanah Lot Temple is also a great view.This temple is standing by the sea, and at high tide it looks as if it is floating in the sea.I heard that this temple will exterminate the evil spirits that lurk in Bali.In particular, it was a mysterious temple that was convinced that the sunset time zone was beautiful and that it was a place where the gods gathered.

We also enjoyed snorkeling on Lembongan Island.I once dived in the sea of Okinawa and hawaii, but I was surprised at the level of transparency that could not be compared to them.I took a lot of pictures because I was able to take pictures in the sea very clearly.This spot is a remote island, but it was easy to get there by taking a ferry for about 30 minutes from the main island.

In addition, we also visited the Kintamani Plateau.The scenery of this spot was magnificent, and when i looked at it, I found it to be a mark of a large caldera volcano.The scenery was very magnificent because it was a sting ing or a World Heritage site.

I wanted to see the traditional streets of Bali, so I also visited Canggu.Although there are some resort facilities, there are still many peaceful houses, and it was good to enjoy the atmosphere of the countryside to the fullest.

Shopping was done at T Galleria Bali in kuta district.The shop was rich in miscellaneous goods and cosmetics, which are popular with localpeople in Bali.We had a wide selection of perfumes and cosmetics.We also went to the Discovery Shopping Mall in the same district.The shopping mall was full of surfing shops, fashion goods, home appliances and grocery stores.There are also restaurants and cafes on site, where you can enjoy shopping with meals and breaks.

We've prepared several apps for your trip to Bali.The first thing we've prepared is the Bluebird Taxi.This app, in conjunction with the GPS of the smartphone, it was an excellent app that can call a taxi based on the current location.It was very useful when the taxi was not found easily.

The other one we've prepared is an app called "Krakurabus".There are eight routes in Bali, but you can see how these buses are working.Bus timetable information is also available, so you won't have to wait long in the blazing weather.

In addition, UV care products are prepared as my belongings.It is an indispensable goods to prevent ultraviolet rays under the blazing sun of Bali.In addition, bali is often ignored, so I brought insect repellent.However, because it was not possible to bring it to the airplane when the insect repellent was a spire type, i prepared the insect repellent of the type like the wet tissue.

When you travel to Bali, it is a good thing to have a knowledge of the local religion in advance.For Japanese people, Buddhism and Christianity are understood to some extent, but unlike in Bali, it is Hindu, so it is better to study the rules.For example, in Hinduism, the left hand is filthy, so remember that you do not pass the thing with your left hand.In addition, there are customs such as not being able to visit the temple in clothes with a lot of exposed skin.
Also, keep in mind that luxury hotels in Bali often require tipping.