Bali trip healed by the sea and esthetics

From the beginning of May, which is the dry season, I went there for three nights and five days.

We stayed at a hotel called InterContinental Bali Resort, located in Jimbaran Beach.And had been ranked first in a certain ranking when i was researching in advance on the Internet, because there was a sense of security in the thing that interContinental series, i decided here.In addition, the jimbaran café area, where stylish restaurants are lined up along the beach, was within walking distance, the proximity to the airport, and the pool were highly acclaimed, so we decided to make this hotel.
When I actually stayed there, i was able to have a very nice and dreamy time.Because it is a worldwide hotel chain, i was very satisfied with the staff and the cleanliness.In addition, the hotel was built with a sense of openness that allowed us to feel the south, so we were able to live the resort life as we imagined.I also frequently attended the pool with a high review rating.The location was great overlooking the sea, and there were places where children could play.The room was spacious and very soothing just by rumbling in the bed while listening to the sound of the waves.The hotel was very clean and comfortable.

I enjoyed a drink while watching the sunset fall in the sea in front of me at the hotel's rock bar called Ayana Resort & Spa Bali in the Jimbaran area, the same hotel where I stayed.This place is located on a cliff, so the view is excellent, and it is highly recommended because it can enjoy a magnificent and fantastic view.
We also ate the famous Ikan Bakar in Indonesia at the Menega Cafe.It's a seafood barbecue, but you can choose your favorite ingredients at the entrance and enjoy an extraordinary sense of extraordinary food on the beach.There are a lot of tourists, but the atmosphere of this place was also very good.
If you're looking for souvenirs in this Jimbaran area, you'll find the hotel's jimbaran corner.There are a few shops, but you can enjoy just looking at the traditional wood carvings and resort dresses that give you a sense of resort.I bought colorful dishes.
And the most popular in Jimbaran Corner is the L'Occitane Spa.I also went to this spa, but it was so popular that I made a reservation and had a treatment.This spa, named Bang Boothpa, was very beautiful and refreshed.In the spa, you can also visit Spa Uluwatu, which is located in your hotel.I made a reservation here, but i was able to use the jacuzzi for free because i was a resident.The relaxation room has marble statues and fountains, and you can get drunk in the luxurious space.The treatment was also very pleasant, and i was able to spend a blissful time.
I also went to a tourist attraction called Garuda Wisnu Kunchana, which was also a very famous place, and the huge Garuda statue was a masterpiece.Because it is a very large park, it might be necessary to be careful if you are with children.There is a theater in the park, and you can also watch a play there, so i think it's a good idea to take a break and take a walk.It is also recommended because it is a place where you can feel that you have come to a foreign country from a cultural point of view.
Finally, Jimbaran Beach was a really great place.Because there was a rental of surfing, i tried surfing in the daytime, drank a drink on the beach, looked at the sea leisurely, enjoyed sunset in the evening, BBQ in the evening, and various ways of enjoying the way of enjoying it.

I asked for an application because it was a travel agency, so I collected information on your site and flyers.I was worried about the actual word of mouth, i took advantage of the site of TripAdvisor first.I think that it is good if there is a hat and sunglasses etc. to use in the tropical resort, and there is a place where the air conditioning is strong in the room, and there is a one that it is good in the meaning of the sunburn measures.

First of all, it is recommended to go at this time of year because there is little rain and beautiful scenery in the dry season from spring to autumn in Japan.
If you have a spa or restaurant or any place you definitely want to visit, it is recommended that you make a reservation in advance and visit it.If you look at the sunset time zone together, it will be even more moving memories.
The Jimbaran area where I stayed was a little more expensive, so I took a little more cash with me.Local shops and privately run shops were not compatible with credit cards, so it was helpful to bring cash.
As for the language, there is no problem even if you are not good at English because there is a staff who can speak Japanese in the hotel and the tourist facilities.There are no problems with famous shops and popular shops where tourists go, but I think it's a good idea to say hello in Indonesian.