Marine Sports Major Bali Travel

May 2017, 4 nights and 5 days

I went to an area called Tanjung Bunoa where marine sports are very popular.The reason i decided to this area is that I was interested in the activity to explore the sea in clothes like space suits.On top of that, i decided to go with my family, so I decided to go to this area to see if I could go shopping.There is no shopping center in this area itself, but by going south, there is an area called Nusa Dua, and in this area, it is decided that it is good because there are various other restaurant districts besides the high-class shop.Because it was a little near the area with the natural park, I had the idea whether i should run away to land if pus was unpleasant by all means.On the other hand, i was adjusting which area to go in the direction of running away to the sea if the land was unpleasant, but this area was the best when it came to give priority to shopping.By the way, the hotel i stayed at is the Conrad Bali Hotel.It was impressive that we were doing some work at the hotel, which seemed to be like a construction that was making it barrier-free.I think that it was feeling that the lobby and the restroom area were advertised without the sound entering the room separately though it was construction.

I went to the snorkeling area of Bunoa first though it was a sightseeing spot.Three of us in the family, my wife and daughter.My son didn't participate because he doesn't like the sea.I mean, if you can't swim, you're not going to participate.I think the activity that the whole family participated in in this area was the activity seawalk to explore the bottom of the sea using the diving suit.Seawalk, as its name suggests, was just walking in a diving suit, so even a son who didn't like the sea was okay.I'm quite wary of what the sea is because it is a son who is not good at swimming.I thought it would be a good opportunity for people to know that the sea is not that scary, so I chose this area, but I didn't like it as much as I said.The caveat in this Bunoa area is that there are so many activities and all of them are marine sports activities, but there are activities that are not registered in business and some activities that have not been confirmed to be safe.Such a shop is often an office like a tent and is not a neat building, and it seems to be a shop of the escape immediately if something happens.As for souvenirs, there are many key chains and stuffed animals in the area where you can enjoy this marine sport, but when you raise the attention, you can buy them in the key chain.Otherwise, the salt of the sea might not be able to be taken in the shower considerably, and the salt of the sea cannot be taken at all because the shower is pure water and it is not warm hot water by the shop which offers the salt of the sea cannot be taken if it is not a shower of hot water, and the hair is likely to become a gigishi.By the way, when using the shower, because there is an activity that can use shampoo, I think it is good to ask the clerk whether to use the shampoo in such an activity in advance, check the information of the shop and use the shampoo.The next place I went was in the shopping area.I went to the area called Nusa Dua and went to the shopping center.The advantage of this area is that it is specialized in commerce and has many shopping centers.

Online taxi apps are recommended.This app is an app that comes to the driver to tell the driver where it is in the chat where the price to the place you want to move in the app that calls a taxi in english is displayed earlier.However, if you can not speak English, where you are, it is difficult but not a good charge is difficult because there is no language ability because there is a part that must explain such as what dressed is the app that can be recommended because it is fully understood whether it is a reasonable fee.In addition, Google maps is a required app to know the location, you can also know the area that can be safely moved.The reason is the charge of the smartphone in the mobile battery that it is good to be further on that.If there is a person who has subscribed to the service of wireless Wi-Fi, it is still better to take a large capacity of the mobile battery to charge such a communication router because there is a business that wireless Wi-Fi can be used overseas.

Smartphone is to take first.It is better to subscribe to a Wi-Fi service that can communicate wirelessly in advance on that.When you use the app in foreign countries, it is cheaper to use the line over there because it costs communication costs when it is overseas from Japan.In my case, I brought in a mobile battery and charged the communication device after using the wireless sign service, so i thought that i could charge the mobile battery locally if there was a solar panel charger.The mobile battery can only be charged with USB, the possibility that the voltage is limited and not compatible can be denied, the battery can not be charged much locally.Fortunately, you can rent an outlet adapter to charge it, but it's likely to be rented out, so it might be a good idea to take an outlet adapter with you if you think about it.Fine, on the idea that the means to charge is few and look for the connector of USB because there is no such thing as a charging station in Bali, battery-related is very troubled because it is used even if there is such a charging spot.Therefore, there is a need to bring in the means that can be charged even locally.