Bali trip that was a series of surprises

I went there in February 2019.It is a schedule of five nights and 6 days.

The area Where I stayed was Ubud.The reason i decided to do this ubud area was because I wanted to dive into the extraordinary scenery by exploring bali's countryside and temples and visiting places where local culture and lifestyle remained.The Ubud area was a high-altitude area far from the airport, so it was a place where the weather was changeable compared to other areas in Bali, and it was possible to mature through the wilderness where guerrilla downpours continued to fall for about an hour without any signs.The temperature depends on the time of year, but the days of over 30 degrees continued, so if you walk out of the villa where you are staying for five minutes, your T-shirt will get drenched in sweat, so you will gradually get used to the feeling that you don't particularly care about even if your clothes get wet due to guerrilla downpours.Just as there is a word to go to Go and follow the village, you can feel that the Ubud district of Bali gradually resembles the local people as time passes.It was a feeling that i even came to a different planet when I was running through the countryside and mountain roads where there were so many things of nature left and trees that can never be seen in Japan.Because the weather is easy to change, when I have you drive along the mountain path, the thunder is rumbling and I thought that it is stronger than the thunder of Japan so that I have a little fear.You can also visit a viking restaurant at the foot of the mountain, and if you're eating nasigoren or meegoren, a Balinese restaurant that eats while looking at the rainforest, you'll feel like you've come to Bali.
It's the most important hotel i've ever stayed in, but my stay was villa-type The Dusun.Facing the road, with nearly five metres of walls and nearly three-meter doors, there was a private pool in the center when the door was opened, and the poolside was a panoramic hotel that blended in with nature with trees.The building i stayed in was not like a steel hotel, but a space that felt like Bali from the appearance, and the scenery blended with the beautiful building sit-in sit-in sit-in sit-in sit-in sit-ins as soon as you arrived with the thatched roof.
The hotel felt almost perfect, but it was a series of surprises when i searched the room.First of all, the welcome fruit placed on the table was full of fruit, but i'm sorry that there were a lot of flies, but I couldn't get my appetite.Next, the room was surrounded by mosquito nets with a large bed, and the air conditioning was also complete, so we were able to spend the night very comfortably.Finally, the most surprising thing was the toilet.There was a veranda part shower in the outdoor of the room, and the restroom was the one to do openly in the outdoors without the door in the restroom very though it was next to it.However, because the toilet seat was a Western type, it is recommended to use it after telling it not to approach it when using the restroom when staying with a friend.

The tourist attraction in Bali was the Tiltownpur Temple.Here you can see old temples built in the 10th and 14th centuries.In line with Hindu teachings, men and women can't borrow a scarf-like cloth at the entrance when they come in shorts or miniskirts, so when they enter a temple, they wrap it around their waists and enter the temple.Regardless of this temple, if you take a little precautionin other tourist destinations, it is better to avoid touching darkness because there is a risk of rabies and so on because you may have seen a wild dog.Moreover, be caused by the poor living area, because there is a possibility that the collection is not used and it is likely to be attached for a long time if money is easily owed because it is thought that it is good to make the mind a demon here because there is a district where the poor live.

I had never used the Internet in Bali, so I brought the way of walking on the earth that I brought from Japan.Because the details are described than the travel guidebook, it became very useful.In particular, on the fourth day of my stay, I missed Japanese food, and it was very helpful to find japanese restaurants such as sushi restaurants.

As advice for those who go to Bali, it is recommended that you do not do it at the airport but at the currency exchange office in your town.The rate at the airport is high.For those who want to exchange money at a slightly better rate, it's a good idea to do it in a place where local people in the city are getting a tattoo when they can use it with peace of mind.
At the airport, strangers from the area will ask you to help carry your carry bag, but if you ask without worrying about anything, you will be charged the fare for the amount you carried around 50 meters.Because there is a case to become trouble, let's be careful not to judge easily and correspond so that the travel does not start in a unpleasant mood early arrival.