Enjoy the delicious immediate and the splendor of the room


Summer 2018

Ngurah rai

What was impressive about my trip was the sea, the pool, the real Bali Este, and i was very happy to be able to go to bali's home esthetics.It is also popular with Japanese people and is very happy with the pick-up service and waiting drinks.The esthetics were actually in charge of the area, and the richness of the spa menu and the price were satisfactory.It is a good memories that massage at the same time as a couple.I enjoyed the resort hotel, but the hotel is a place to go into the sea during the day and play in the pool at night.The sea of Bali is very beautiful and it is a sea which is easy to see in the magazine.The hotel's pool is free-to-enter 24 hours and is divided into private accommodation and suites.The main pool was very large and the waiter brought us sake and so much fun in one day, and the atmosphere was good, and i felt like I came to the resort to play.The impression of the pool changed at night and it was lit up at night, and an adult atmosphere was enjoyed.When you play in the pool of the resort, the aim is in the middle of the night.I also experienced marine sports in Bali.It was my first wakeboarding experience, and I enjoyed the lessons of the local staff who could speak Japanese.I felt that the local staff were careful about the safety aspects and liked it.I also spent a lot of time shopping.The hotel was Conrad Bali, 10 km from Bali Ngrai International Airport.The hotel was decided to read a lot of reviews and evaluate the many reviews of those who had stayed at the hotel, and that it was not so high in price and it was within the budget, and the room had ocean view, the privacy of each room, and the private beach of 350 meters long.And there are three places where you can eat, including the main dining room, so it was nice to have a change in the scenery and atmosphere every time.The restaurant next to the main pool is entertainment, so you can enjoy more resort atmosphere with time-matching dinners.The entertainment space was a good time to get along with other guests and enjoy the meal.The hotel's facilities are very service-friendly, but the hotel shopping bags in the room are cute and charged, but i've come back to remember.Some of the local staff were able to speak Japanese, so they were able to spend a comfortable time without any problems, and most of the staff understood and responded to the language if it was a little bit of a requirement.The bath also serves petals and makes women happy.And i wanted to use this hotel again when I went to Bali with 24 hours of work available and training if I had enough time.


You should go when you're hungry.