Bali 3 nights 4 days bullet tour

In November of the year before last, for three nights.I've been avoiding the high season by shifting the summer vacation.It is a high season in Japan to the last even if it avoids the high season.
It's not limited to Bali, but the summer vacation and GW where everyone's holidays are covered are almost twice as different.
If you have a child's school holidays or work for a major company, you can only take a day off at this time of year, but i want to avoid this season if you can.
And conveniently enough, Bali has an average annual temperature of about 28 degrees celsius, so we decided that there would be very little problem with sightseeing whenever we went.
It is divided into the rainy season and the dry season, and november to April is the rainy season, and May to October is the dry season.
However, even if it is a rainy season, it does not rain all day like the rainy season in Japan.Squall, it rains heavily in a short time.
I wanted to go well with squalls, so i made it in November because my travel expenses were relatively cheap and i could take my vacation.

Ubud, Champrun Sari Hotel.
The hotel is about a 2-hour drive from Denpasar International Airport.Depending on the time of year, i think it is a relatively cheap hotel in Bali because it did not go 10,000 yen in three nights.
At a minimum, the electricity in the private room, the lock is closed, i don't care so much if the hotel does not feel the danger of the body, the bed was clean and the water was replenished and the room was comfortable.There was a coco supermarket within walking distance, and it was a space that satisfied overseas supermarket lovers.Everything from souvenirs to everyday items was available, so I was quite immersed in it.
I had a meal in my room at night, but i enjoyed lunch at a nearby restaurant.Nasigoreng, famous for its Indonesian cuisine, was able to eat with peace of mind.

Bali is also a popular spot for women travelling alone, and it won't be a dangerous atmosphere in the sun.It is common in any country that it is dangerous to go out alone in the middle of the night.And while it might be another for those who are touring clubs in Japan in the middle of the night, i think it's safe to stop if you're not used to them.Bali's goodness can be enjoyed enough during the day.
All the girls in Bali had clear eyes and were very cute, but I think that there are also some of the make-up that are in vogue.As you can see when you do make-up, it seemed like the mainstream was like a pottery skin with a lot of funde painted on it.Therefore, I stopped buying cosmetics as a souvenir.I bought some cheap and cute eyeshadow, but i thought that i couldn't use it even if I bought it because it was different in fashion from japanese natural-oriented makeup.
However, i thought that the climate of the winter summer reflects that clear make-up, and if you want to aim at the local insta-shine, you can also enjoy buying local cosmetics.
Ubud was a fun way to walk around the city, and it was a shopping street with cute miscellaneous goods and soap.I thought that i could walk as many streets as I could.The café is also stylish.Everything was delicious like tea.Because the taste is decided by the water of the land, it does not become the same taste even if the tea leaf is bought and it returns.I drank a lot.

If you travel alone "travel alone" or "gourmet" or search for any number of recommended sites, "Ubud", "Cafe", "Women's Trip" and the place where you are writing articles in the hobby is good, i feel like traveling.In addition, the person who is writing the travel book in the blog was also helpful.Insta is good for the minute to see the spectacular spots, but because it is a little weak as a collection of information, I think it's a good idea to google search separately hashtags.
I think that it is good to buy a guidebook with a map, and to put together the place etc. which want to see it.After that, it is convenient because you can understand the route when you register the favorite place you want to go to Google Maps.
Hotel reservation sites such as Tribago are rich in photographs and are easy to compare prices and rooms.After that, I think it's good to look at the official website of the hotel you like.There will be few hotels without an official website, but it is safe to stop.
Beltra is a convenient place to go when you want to take a day trip or a day trip.You can book from Japan, and it's easier than taking a tour, and you can go to places that are hard to get to if you're not on a tour.
It's perfect for a quick look at the luxury of a tour, with the ease and ease of personal travel.It covers most of the places you can take on the tour.
Also, it's not limited to Bali, but the split is always helpful.There are a lot of things that have only a spoon and fork in the spatula at the supermarket, and forget to put them in.I think it's probably because i don't care as much as Japan.

We rented Wi-Fi at the airport and it was pretty big and heavy.Of course, it was the size that i could carry, but i chose the cheapest one, and it weighed about the same as a 500g pet bottle.Therefore, even if the luggage was reduced, it was always decided to carry more than one kilo.I think that I should have purchased the Sim which can be used in Bali at the airport.
Moreover, I think that luggage was hardly needed if it was a sightseeing in the island.
I put it almost anywhere as long as there was a pair of shoes and one piece other than flip flops, and a cardigan.The temple was not said anything except the flip flops.This time, I wanted to reduce the souvenirs and go lightly like a backpacker without checked luggage.