Backpacker Cheap Bali Long Term Trip

I stayed for about two weeks from the first half of December 2019.

In Bali, we stayed in kuta in the downtown area and Ubud in the depths of the mountains.Kuta is the most prosperous district in Bali.We stayed in Kuta because it was convenient lye for sightseeing, such as souvenir shops, shopping centers, restaurants and long distance buses.Kuta is also close to the beach, so it's easy to get there.
When I actually stayed, I felt the hustle and bustle of Bali.To be honest, it's downtown, so it's noisy at night.
However, even if you go out at night, you won't be in trouble if you can see the shop or have a place to eat.There are a lot of bikes running, so be careful when you cross the road.
I stayed at a hotel called Bemo Corner Guest House in Kuta.
It is a cheap accommodation of 500 yen per room for two people per night.
It is cheap, but it is comfortable because it is a private room.Because it is the minimum equipment required, it might be insufficient from the person who usually stays in a good hotel, but it is enough if you do not ask for a lot.
The guest house was clean and comfortable for me.

Ubud is a tourist destination located in the mountains.Yoga is popular, and there is a view of the scenery in the depths of the mountain, and it is a place which can be called the main tourist spot of Bali.
In Ubud, the atmosphere changes completely from Kuta.
There is no sea.Because there are a lot of greens, I feel beautiful even if it rains.

We stayed at a guest house called Leket House in Ubud.
This is also a cheap place to stay.
About 600 yen per room for two people per night.Breakfast is also available.
There is a lot of greenery in the facility, and it is healed.It is the minimum equipment required, but I felt that it was enough for those who just slept.
The room is clean every day, so there is also a sense of cleanliness.
There is a dog, too and it is pretty.

The places i went to Bali are kuta downtown, downtown Ubud, Rice Terrace in Ubud, Rock Bar at Ayana Resort and Kuta Beach.
One of the best picks is the Ayana Resort rock bar.This bar is located on the grounds of a luxury hotel, but non-guests can enter.
There is a bar on the cliff, and the sea is in front of you.You can see the sunset.
The scenery here is very spectacular.It is a good idea to enter the store from about 16 o'clock before sunset because it is crowded during sunset time.
Food and drink prices are high considering prices in Bali, but they are as expensive as going to a good bar in Japan.
Considering the location of the spectacular view, it is not so expensive.

In Bali, you need to be careful about currency exchange.
Some currency exchange shops also have places where scams work.It is a way to reduce the money to pass on purpose.
The local currency has a lot of digits, so it's hard for unfamiliar travellers to calculate.
It's hard to tell, so choose a reliable money changer from the beginning.
There is a major currency exchange office called "Central Kuta", so you can feel safe.
The exchange rate is also good, and because it is clearly stated in the bulletin board, I think that it is easy to go even for a beginner.

As a souvenir of Bali, luak coffee is recommended.
Coffee made from nuts collected from feces issued by jacocats living in Bali.
It is a popular coffee in the luxury goods.

When I gathered information about Bali, I often looked at the site "Only travel to Bali" on the internet.It is very convenient to have written the information necessary for the bali travel, such as the market and the spa in the blog of the person who lives in Bali.
In the app, "Maps ME" map app that can be used offline is useful.If you download it in advance, you can see the map even if there is no internet environment.
Let's put the ride-sharing app called "Grab" by all means.
If you have an internet environment, you can call a taxi cheaply.There are a lot of taxis in Bali, so it's safe to call them with Grab.
Because the net settlement is also possible, it does not get blurred.
However, the use of Grab is limited in some areas in Bali.
Grab can't be used to protect local taxi jobs.
The airport, resort hotel and Ubud are not available.

When you travel to Bali, think about the time to go.
The climate is completely different from That of Japan.
Specifically, october and March are the rainy season and april and September are dry seasons.
The rainy season is more damp at night, and the temperature is high.The dry season is hot, but in the morning and at night it will be refreshing and easy to spend.
It's up to you which time you go.
Basically, the dry season is recommended.The relatively pleasant climate has been sunny for a long time, so you can't stop sightseeing.
When you go during the rainy season, heavy rain often rains, so you may not be able to get stuck while it's raining.
It's more like it rains a lot in a short period of time than in Japan, so it's never going to rain all day.
However, if you want to spend time sightseeing, the dry season is recommended.
However, it is possible that facilities and hotels are vacant or cheaper if you go during the rainy season.
Since it is a low season of sightseeing, it is possible to go sightseeing slowly without being covered by people.