Bali Tourist Attractions Bullet Trip

January 12 -15, 2020
It was rainy season, but it didn't rain at the level that fell in the middle of the night.
I stayed at the hotel for two nights.

I applied for a cheap tour of a travel agency and participated.We stayed at Nusa Duwa Beach Hotel & Spa in the Nusakaduwa area.It was my first time to stay in the resort, so I was surprised to see each hotel.The room was very clean and clean.The room was very clean and comfortable.The view from the room was very clean and the sea was very large.The beach is about a 3-minute walk away, but it was a rattle because it was rainy season.
It was a long way from the lobby to the room.But a wild squirrel in the hallway?It was valuable to see such a small animal eating something up close.
There were shopping facilities and beach activities called Bali Collection nearby, but i couldn't participate because it was a free tour.

The local guide was the same person from pick-up to guide and seeing off.I arrived at the airport and walked to the exit.There were a great number of local guides waiting for me at the exit.
On the first day, we chucked into the hotel and took us to Jimbaran with the kindness of our guide.Dinner in the beach is stylish!I was impressed, but the wind was strong and I was a little tired.When i was eating, people with musical instruments came to the table and sang a song.I heard bali didn't have a tipping culture, but it was taken.
The next day, we went sightseeing in the morning.I was taken to a shop where I could buy souvenirs, but I couldn't buy them because I was afraid of adding more luggage.I feel that I was able to shop smoothly if I decided what to buy in advance.I purchased a bag woven with a vine of a plant called Ata, and used it immediately.
After this, we went for a walk in Ubud.I wandered around the city, but i didn't have time to see it slowly.We went again and had lunch on rice terrace.Rice Terrace was a beautiful view and the greenery was spread out as seen in the photograph.There was a swing to shine in the photo, but i was sorry that I couldn't participate because I didn't have time here.We had Indonesian food for lunch.
After lunch, we went to Tiltownpur Temple, GoaGaja and Uluwatu Temple.When you visit a temple, wrap the cloth provided on your waist before entering the temple, and women can't worship unless they put their hair together, so hair rubber is essential!At Uluwatu Temple, we had a kechuck dance.It was a fun experience.
We had dinner at Jimbaran the same as the day before.
On the last day of the third day, we took a relaxing time at the hotel until after noon.We picked you up and went to Seminyak.In the city, i was very much called out to the taxi.We went shopping and finished dinner at a popular restaurant.At the end, I was taken to a duty-free shop called T Galleria, but i heard it was expensive in the investigation, so I moved to the supermarket right next door.I bought a lot of grocery souvenirs here.Because it was a supermarket, I felt a lot of local people, too.
I said good-bye to my local guide at the airport and returned to Japan.We were together for a long time, so I missed the farewell.

I bought a book of Bali beforehand and took it with it.The local guide said it was interesting and read it.What was also useful is an app called "Japanese Yen Converter".Indonesia's currency is written in Rupiah as "Rp.23k".I do not know how much in Japanese yen, and easily calculated the Japanese yen when I entered into the app.
The hotel has wi-fi, but there were some areas where it was difficult to connect.I bought a SIM that can be used in Indonesia in advance because sim FREE, but I think it is cheaper to buy in the field, such as how to operate and those who can speak well.My husband was struggling in an area where Wi-Fi is not connected, so I think it's good to rent a router.

Because I went on tour this time, there was a shuttle transfer, and i was able to visit a certain place.However, i couldn't experience beach activities or spabecause I didn't have time to relax with fewer days.I think that it is possible to experience it considerably firmly in one week or so.It was off-season and the departure date was relatively empty in the middle of the three consecutive holidays, and the travel expensewas cheap.