Resulting in a tour of Bali

I went there around the end of March 2019.
In total, it was a stay of three nights and four days.

Location: Nusa Dua
Hotel Name: Amatella Villas Barinusa Dua M Gallery Collection
Impression: Nature such as the Bali spreads out on the grounds of the hotel.The sound of birds and insects is very pleasant.The receptionist is also very friendly and helpful.The welcome drink is also cold and very tasty.
In addition, the light-up at night is very beautiful, and the walk at night is pleasant.There is a big shopping center nearby, but you can rent a bicycle for free.This is a little hard to row, but within the range you can use.

Location: Kuta Beach
Hotel Name: The Kuta Beach Heritage Hotel Bali Managed Baiaco Hotels
Impression: Bali is famous for kuta beach.We stayed at this hotel because of the proximity to the beach.In fact, the access was very good because the beach was right in front of us.But.I am considerably anxious about the mold smell in the room.The window is large and ventilation is possible, but it struggles with ventilation because a large amount of insects enter when the window is opened.There are a lot of hotels around Kuta Beach, so it's a good idea to consider other places.

Location: Ubud
Hotel Name: Kamandal Ubud
Comment: This luxury hotel is located in the Ubud forest area.It's in the woods, and it's a great feeling of secrecy.There are plenty of tricks to enjoy in Ubud, including the yoga area and the restaurant space in the forest by appointment.There was a bathtub in the hotel room, and a lot of hot water came out in the depths of the mountain, so it was good.However, because there are a lot of insects, preparation of insect repellent is essential.I think the best thing about this hotel is the pool bar.The back of the infinity pool is a spectacular view of Ubud Forest.Insta girls gathered and took stylish photos.A set for breakfast in the pool is also available for an additional fee of around 10,000 yen.There are a lot of slopes, and Ubud is considerably wide, and it is quite hard to walk though it is about the surroundings.It is better to check the spots that go around while it is bright because it is dark at night.
The swing of the forest is famous for the ubud sightseeing, but it is recommended to confirm in advance whether it is a place of the swing as shown in the photograph if there is a swing which wants to go absolutely because the swing is in several places.
Ubud is going up the mountain path from Kuta.It is possible to rent a motorcycle and travel around Bali, but be careful because there is a check of the local police.It is safe to obtain an international license in advance.In addition, according to the local guide, the crackdown fraud wearing fake police clothes seems to have occurred frequently recently.Tourists seem to be paying a crying fine because the police don't know if it's real or not.If someone like the police in Bali checks you, you should not pay the money you request ed right away, but settle down and check to see if it is really the police.

We went to kuta beach ubud forest and marine sports beach.
First of all, I would like you to note that balinese guides who can speak Japanese.I asked a Balinese guide who had been on Instagram in advance to meet me at the airport.The price i was talking to in advance was a safe price, but after meeting at the airport, we talked about our travel plan and were guided to the place sat and tourist destinations to recommend them for reasons such as "I don't recommend that place far away".I thought it was funny, so I resisted, but i had to take them with me, so I decided to go to the recommended place for their guide.However, the unrest was not so much a hit and was taken to the beach where water sports could be done.Apparently, they found that the aim was to take a margin at the guru.I paid 3-40,000 for about three kinds of marine active sports that can be done in Japan.
They have a strong mind that they can speak Japanese and make money from Japanese, so be careful.
However, it is also true that all balinese people are not like that.The local Balinese people I met in the ubud forest had very beautiful eyes.

You can also surf at Kuta Beach.There are a lot of people who rent out surfboards on the beach, so you can rent them there.The water was not very clean, but i was able to ride a good wave.The price is also cheap.
Souvenirs can be bought anywhere in tourist areas, so it's convenient.However, the Indonesian currency is very large and hard to understand, so please always put the currency calculation tool app on your smartphone.

It is better to perfect insect repellent measures.It is also possible to procure insect repellent selling locally, but it is also recommended to bring something that you normally use from Japan.
I was bitten by a mosquito, and i couldn't get a taste of the scenery.
In addition, it is better to prepare the sun cream as well as the sunburn cream.The southern sunshine is quite powerful.

As with all travel abroad, it's important to be careful if you're a foreigner who comes by using fluent Japanese.You can spend it in peace if you take a note by examining the market price in detail in advance.
I was introduced to a friend and got to know a Balinese guide, so it was a mistake to ask for a guide without any research.Bali is a place with a wonderful nature, so it's better to prepare and do some preliminary preparation and research so as not to feel any bad.
Also, i think that seeing the movie "There is a god in Bali" in advance deepens the understanding of Bali.My recommendation is to see it once before going to Bali, once after going.