Relaxing and relaxing bali travel.

January 2018.It is a trip of three nights and four days.

The area i visited and stayed in is Ubud.
There is a favorite grocery store, a stylish café, massage, nature and a place where you can do yoga, and it was very good that it was possible to complete it all within walking distance.If you rent a motorcycle, you can go a little farther and go to a more natural place.If you pay for it, you can rent a taxi and have the driver guide you.The area was full of Balinese hindus, and the morning prayers, the relaxed movements of the localpeople, and the flow of time were greatly healed.
The hotel stayed at Cahaya Villa Ubud, deep in the organic restaurant Bodag Maliah.While looking at the rice fields, we had a beer on the terrace and took out french fries.The kitchen is also on the table, so i didn't use it very much, but it's easy to cook.The room was clean and had a large bed, toilet and shower.I think that the employee was very kind to me because i was in a good sense of distance, and i think that it was always anxious whether it was troubled.

The best recommendation is a massage.Balinese massage is a spa place in the town, and it is possible to do at about 1,000 yen from 600 yen an hour if it is cheap, and, perhaps, anyone in Bali can do, it is cheap, the level is high, and it is possible to be satisfied as such.When it comes to intermediate classes, the atmosphere of the shop is good at about 2,000 yen, and you can choose the smell of oil.I think that it is impressed when the cream bath of Bali is experienced once by all means.The head is clear, the face is clear, and it looks different.Foot care is too expensive in Japan, but in Bali you can do it at the same price as a massage.The communication of english with the clerk is interesting, too.I've never had a hotel massage, but according to the guidebook information, it's a little cheaper than in Japan.
If you go to a temple, if you see your shoulders or feet, you can borrow a salon because it is refused, but be careful.
There are a lot of fashionable cafes and vegetarian vegan shops, and I feel like I can be healthy.The hotel usually comes with breakfast, but even if it's a cheap hotel, you can choose from multiple menus (e.g., Indonesian food, pancakes, etc.) and you'll feel full in the morning.
The restaurant is Mexican, French, Italian and a variety of dishes (japanese restaurants are also available!I don't think there's any problem when you eat it.In addition, it was good to be able to eat local food in the local warung (dining room area).However, warne is religiously, there are some places where alcohol is not put, so it is necessary to confirm it first for the drinker.There is usually a drink in the café for tourists.
The exchange was exchanged from Japanese yen only for the taxi fare to the hotel at the airport, and the rest was exchanged in the city of Ubud.Because the rate of cash payment is better, I exchanged it more often.As for the impression of prices, depending on the price, even if you estimate more, I think it is safe about half the price of Japan.
Souvenirs are basically purchased at the supermarket.Delta Dewata, a supermarket on Andon Street, is large and displays prices, so you don't need to negotiate a price, so you can easily buy it.Of course, credit cards are also available.Baron cookies, soaps, coffee, incense, seasonings, pear goreng, etc. are inadvertently bought too much.I also bought one-piece and hair ornaments at a souvenir shop.If you like something, I think you should buy it on the spot.There are a lot of things, and there might not be the next time.It is necessary to negotiate the price with the person of the shop, and there are a lot of places where the credit card cannot be used.I think it's interesting to take a peek at the drugstore.I bought sunscreen, aroma goods and bath salt here.
There is a souvenir shop at the airport, but i do not recommend it because it is high and the quality is not so good.

The rough tourist information is how to walk the earth, and the latest information of the local was referred to the blog of the Japanese people who live in the locale.Basically, you can walk on foot, so easy-to-walk sandals, sun-free hats, sunglasses and sunscreen are essential.It is better to have a feather because the air conditioner might be effective for the gun gun when entering the shop.I think that it is safe if there is a diarrhea stop if the stomach is weak by any event.

Depending on the season, the seasonal ones (e.g. fruits, etc.) are different, so if you want to eat seasonal mango, i think it's a good way to choose the rainy season.Of course, if you go to the supermarket, there is why, but I think that the seasonal one is the best delicious.
In addition, i go in anticipation of the rice field view, because there is a case where you can only see the traces that have been reaped, if you want to see absolutely, I think it is good to go after properly examining.
I didn't care because I think that travel requires a broad mind to accept local customs and values.