Bali to be a repeat repeat

I liked to travel abroad a little bit, but i started to bali and repeat it many times.From a week's stay, I stayed for up to a month.We aim for a low season with cheap airplane bills.Recently, I went from December of last year to January of this year.Bali has a rainy season, but the weather is extreme lye all over the world these days, so I'm prepared to squall.The rainy season is recommended because the fruit is very delicious.You can eat a lot cheaply, from things that are not available in Japan to things that are expensive and cannot be bought.

Basically, it is a stay-at-home accommodation like a guest house.It's been ubud for a long time, but i'll stop by Sanur on my way back, go to the island again on the way, and stay and go to where i'm going.It thinks, too.It is a strength that can be done in the long term.When I went to Bali for the first time, it was a resort hotel in Nusa Dua, but I wanted to go to Ubud and asked a local driver to take a one-day tour of Ubud.It is addicted, and it stays in Ubud next time.Bali is surprisingly large, so the area to stay is important.I think it's a good idea to decide what you want to do and how you want to spend your time.It might be good if it is not unpleasant, and it is not clean, and such a person chooses a big resort hotel though it might be all right if it likes the smell peculiar to the country, humidity, and such an environment in Asia.However, the insect comes out.

Tourism is an island, but my primary purpose is to stay to live!So, first of all, I drove to the top of the mountain on a cycling tour and took a bike-down tour.Of course, the guide is in English, and other participants are Westerners.It was nice to see the scenery, get a glimpse of the local people's life, and run through the wind.Other than that, rafting is recommended.We did it a few times, but there was no loose flow, and from the second time we made it a more powerful river.This is also natural, but english guide, but i can understand it because it tells you in simple English.Oh yes, there is a way to apply for a high optional tour from Japan, but it is cheaper after going there, and you can negotiate the price.I almost didn't buy souvenirs for myself these days, but I loved them and bought them every time.There are quite a few products in Japan.Many people often think that it is the same as a cheap bag woven with rattan or bamboo.Even if you buy the same ata, i think that the first time you are taken by a guide and often buy expensive things.First of all, it is a study, and it is likely to do, but i think that it is good to decide variously if it stays with time.

It is convenient because there are a lot of Wi-Fi in a local shop more than Japan.You can rent your own bike, but because it is unlicensed, grabs and gojeks are convenient and cheap.By the way, it was about 700 yen one way from Ubud to Sanur.It's cheaper to charter a car and it'll be 2,000 yen.Local buses are good, but if the bus stop is away, it will take a taxi or bemo to get there.It is better to put the app in Japan.Even though I was not good at this kind of thing, I was able to call it easier than I thought.And should the driver arrive early or run safely and slowly?I asked him to be as soon as usual.In addition, it is a convenient goods, but it is a country where the insect repellent is a must.You may bring it from Japan, but i buy it locally every time because it is cheap when it is Bali.If you have weak skin, you should use something a little expensive in an organic shop like utama spice.Because I have strong skin, i am all right with the insect repellent of about 100 yen of the supermarket.

I repeat, so if you give advice to those who go for the first time, where is the hotel and where is it?What do you want to do?There are some people who are thinking about the ditour that was packed here and there for the first time, but because it takes time to move, I think it is good to consult the driver and the person who coordinates the driver and decide the point.In the past, the schedule that the driver boy of the station stayed in the hotel consulted with the guest about the place and the order of the tour from the morning, and the schedule heard was unexpected.In addition, there is a trend to go on a package tour, to apply for an optional tour encouraged by a local guide, but it is also with a commission, so it is not recommended very much.One person told me that before entering the store for lunch, i gave the guide a 100,000rp bill and ate what came out.It was not bad, but the original price seemed not to understand.However, first of all, because it is a foreign country, so it is natural not to know, get the information in advance, i can see a variety of information on the net now, if you do not be deceived big, such a country.By all means, it is recommended that you learn indonesian about the greeting level.