Bali Travel to enjoy the best views of Bali and the hotel 

Went in November.The four-night trip was a bit cramped, but i was able to enjoy bali's great outdoors, architecture and spa.

Stayed at rimba Jimbaran Bali by AYANA hotel.This hotel is surrounded by greenery.Because the negative ion of nature comes out with a tap, the mind is healed very much.A happy space where time passes leisurely is very fantastic and fun without doing anything.The smell of the flowers in the garden of the hotel grounds is indescribable.Even now, the smell is hard.There is also a good pool like a resort hotel.Unlike hot springs, i think the facilities of the resort pool are more advanced overseas.At first, I didn't know how to spend time in the pool, but after i gradually learned how to spend time, I was able to spend it comfortably.The hotel is far from the famous temples and downtown, but there are convenience stores and supermarkets, so it's convenient and easy to enjoy.In addition, the area around the hotel is not noisy, so i think it is a good area for relieving stress.The private beach is also close by, making it a great place to spend time with family and lovers.Talk to the hotel and you can dine on the beach.It takes money, but it also accepts unreasonable orders that are not listed in the guidebook.There are several staff members who can speak Japanese in the hotel, so even if you don't speak English, you can get along well.There were many japanese friendly people, so I didn't feel bad during my stay.The hotel's spa is also excellent, but the best part was the quality of the food.Anyway, there were a lot of variations and i never got tired of it.Everything from Indonesian to Japanese, Chinese and Italian.I came to Bali with great pains, so I recommend eating Indonesian food once.I'm asian, so I think it fits the japanese.Besides, it was delicious, so personally it was the best harvest.

I went to Kintamani Plateau and Ubud.We went sightseeing by taxi from the hotel.He was a cheerful and cheerful driver, so he didn't get bored, even though it was a day-long plan.I was prepared, but the interrupt between cars is intense.I am amazed at the height of the driver's skill.On the way, there was a cold scene, but the last one came to be able to enjoy it like a ride of the amusement park.However, because the road is distorted, the shaking is terrible.I think i'll be lightly intoxicated.If possible, I think that it is better to drink the intoxication.The Kintamani Plateau is a spectacular sight, and i think it is a tourist spot that cannot be missed by a photography lover.I feel very comfortable in the surrounding rice terrace scenery.I think that there was a meaning that visited only this.Lake Batur, which the driver recommended because it is nearby, is so mysterious and beautiful that it is likely to be sucked in.I felt once again that I can't beat the beauty of nature.Personally, I have an impression on the coffee plantation.I like coffee, but it was the first time i had seen the farm, so it was good to see it.It is recommended because you can drink coffee and buy it.The driver took care of me and went to the supermarket several times.I was not particularly conscious of it because the souvenirs were arranged naturally.In addition, I think that it is conscientious because I recommend a low price.What surprised me the most was that the driver fired a series of puns.I thought that it was a professional though it was really tired that this tension continued all day long.

Because it is a resort, I do not think that there is anything to worry about if there is a Wi-Fi environment and a device.There are many staff members who can speak Japanese, so I don't think there is a need to be prepared to do so.I think that it is a medicine of the intoxication that i think that it is better to have it only.There is a long time of car movement when i set up an optional tour.Because the road is not maintained like Japan, it shakes up and down anyway.I'm not the type of car drunk, but I still feel a little uncomfortable.I think that it is better to be careful if the vehicle is weak.In addition, because there is a place where there are a lot of exhaust gases, I think that it is better to have a mask.

I think the distance between Bali and Japan is closer than I think.More and more Japanese people are visiting Bali, so I think there are more japanese speaking staff than in other areas.I don't think there's any problem with the first trip to Bali, as the staff at the local airport can speak Japanese.In addition, there are many Japanese who work at local hotels, so you can negotiate smoothly even when you set up an optional tour.However, i think that it is better to be careful about a travel agency that is too cheap.There are many fine constraints, so i think it's best to choose the one in the normal price range until you get used to it.