Make the most of Kuta!Local Bali Trip

Early Feb., 2020
4 nights 5 days

I stayed in kuta area.The location is very close to the beach and shopping mall.The location was great because we were able to walk and go without taking a taxi.

The hotel where you stayed is IDA HOTEL.I decided it by an affordable amount and the location.

The good thing about this hotel is that the hot water in the shower is just fine.The amount of hot water was enough, and there was no water on the way.

Breakfast was not buffet style, but the style was to order from the menu.Even simple things like toast and pancakes were quite expensive compared to the local meals, but it was convenient to go from the room immediately, so I used them every morning.When I ordered a meal, i was told that i should take the drinks for self-service.It was good that coffee, tea, milk and juice were prepared.

There is a pool next to the restaurant.The depth swells considerably.The small pool is shallow, so you can play with children.

One of the most memorable things about this trip was learning to surf at Kuta Beach.We were taught by local people who chatted on the beach and became good friends.I have no experience in surfing, and he explained to me in japanese, which is very difficult to follow with gestures.I was worried, but they gave me some support when I went out to the sea or turned it upside down.I was very happy when I was able to stand on the board.

If you want to eat local rice, Warung Makan Nikmat is the place to go.It is a popular shop for local people and tourists alike.From among the side dishes lined up with zlers, i'll pick the thing sit on the white rice.Because the person in the shop understands a little Japanese, "What is this?"It's hard.If you ask a question, they will answer.The fruit juice is also very delicious.If you choose one of the colorful fruits in front of the juice stand, you can put it in a blender on the spot.What you have to be aware of is that when you're eating here, the local people talk to you from time to time.Some people sit in the opposite seat.I'll take you for sightseeing.Even if it is said, let's not follow it.

I bought a souvenir at Matahari Kuta Square.Bali's unique goods, soaps and clothing are sold, and you can buy anything when you come here.The supermarket inside is a lot of fun just walking.The fruit section is lined with tropical fruits such as durian and dragon fruit.Here, I bought seasonings such as nasigoreng, kecap manis, black and sweet sauce, sambai sauce.I also bought a body cream called Citra at the cosmetics corner.There were many kinds of efficacy and aroma, and I was at a loss which one to choose.I bought a lot of small size things and made them a souvenir for my friends.

I brought a book called "Travel Point Conversation Book 2 Indonesian".When I talked to them while showing cute illustrations, the local people were interested and answered with pleasure.This book is also an app version, for those who want to communicate with smartphones rather than paper books, we recommend that.

I think that you should take the intestinal medicine in the medicine.The difference between water and food made my stomach a little worse.Moreover, insect repellent is also indispensable because there are a lot of mosquitoes in some places.

Wet tissue is also very useful.Wheni always wipe my hands and eat them when I eat in the city.I also played an active part in various situations, such as when I was hot during the day and sweated but couldn't take a shower right away, when I spilled something, or when my feet got dirty on the beach.

It is convenient to have a pocket tissue to be able to flow.The reason is that the toilet paper might have been cut even in the restroom in the shopping mall.

Even in the morning, even in pleasant temperatures, it gets quite hot during the day.Because the sun is strong, let's rehydrate frequently so as not to become heat stroke.If you go to a convenience store, you can buy pocari sweat and aquarius.

I think it's a good idea to take a break and go sightseeing without overdoing it just because you're traveling so that you don't get sick.In addition, because it is easy to upset the condition of the stomach, let's take care of water and food.

When shopping from a souvenir shop or beach vendor on the street, or when negotiating directly and learning marine sports, be careful how to decide the price.Don't accept the high amount of money that the other party told you at first, and try to negotiate.However, it is also rude to cut too much because the local people are also at a cost.I hope we can communicate comfortably with each other.