Bali trip to get energized by Kecha

 I visited Bali in June.Because we visited during the dry season, bali was so hot that hydration was essential.As recommended by an acquaintance, I decided to travel with a five-night, 7-day plan to enjoy Bali.

 I decided to stay in an area called Seminyak in Bali.When an acquaintance of mine went on a trip to Bali, he said that he had decided on "Seminyak", so I decided on an area based on that.On this trip, I used a hotel called The Studio."The Studio" is one of the hotels that is recommended to women with peace of mind, and because it was recommended by an acquaintance, I decided to use it.The hotel has a shared pool and can be refreshing when there are few people.I visited the hotel during the dry season, so I used this shared pool very well.There were many tourists in the hotel, but there were several local people, and i was able to make friends with the local people who used the same hotel.

 I went to Ubud in Bali and visited the Goa Gajah Ruins.It is a strange stone ruin, and a scary face is carved in the doorway.I visited bali because it is famous as a tourist spot, but there are a lot of people who are sure to think, and decided to go back only by taking a picture.However, on my way home, I was greeted by a local person who knew I was Japanese and learned the warmth of Bali.All the stone statues in the Goa Gajah ruins have faces and look horrible like a demon, making them a popular tourist attraction for adults.
 Next, I decided to go see Kecak Dance.I had never seen this dance, also known as Kecha, and i knew it only by voice, so I wanted to see it.I bought a ticket on the day and decided to watch kecak dance of a certain theater company.The ketchup i actually saw for the first time was full of power, and it was swallowed up by the local atmosphere.Kecak Dance is also performed in many places, and my acquaintances said that there are different goodthings for each theater company, so if i ever visit again, I would definitely like to see a different Kecak Dance.
 Finally, I bought kopiko as a souvenir for my Japanese friends.I chose this candy product because it had no short shelf life and could not be broken, but it was a great answer.I bought a few large bags, opened them when I came home and ate only one, and the sweetness was more mellow than I expected.Moreover, because it was individual packaging, I was able to open it freely and eat it at any time.From these characteristics, as a little sweetness, i came in handy in the travel destination.I gave it to my friend's children, and they were overjoyed.If you want to give souvenirs to your children, i think you should choose KOPIKO.

 I often purchased what I needed during my trip, but there are two items that were convenient to take with me.The first is wet tissue.Wet tissue can be wiped off or disinfected.I often washed it with wet tissue because I couldn't wash it with the water service many times.The second is eco-bag.Because it was a travel destination, it was often possible to buy the souvenir exceeding the amount that i had, and the eco bag which was able to put away them was very welcome.
 Also, when I visited during the dry season, I thought that the sun was very strong.Therefore, we recommend cool clothes, such as short-sleeved shorts.For women, I think there is also a skirt.Wearing a hat to protect your head from the sun is also a measure against heat stroke.If you have weak eyes, it is important to wear sunglasses and live by preventing reflections from the ground.You can also buy these fashion items locally, but if you like your hat or something that's good, it's a good idea to put them in your travel bag and visit Bali.

 As an interpreter and geit, I took an acquaintance with me, but i often left because of the ease of being an acquaintance.As a result, i couldn't buy what I wanted at the store, or i couldn't answer when asked by a local person.So, if you're going to Bali, it's no harm to remember english that you can use when you're traveling.Alternatively, if you bring a machine that can be easily translated, you will not have trouble communicating.Of course, it is not necessary for some people to speak Japanese.
 In addition, the same can be said in all overseas, but it is better not to round the back and not take the frightened swing.I was told that it was rude to the other person, and that the attitude which was full of oneself was more pleasant to communicate.If your opponent is a so-called bad guy, you may be ducked, so it's better to be dignified just in case.