Arasa Women's Cheap Solo Trip

In mid-October, when I had a lot of vacations with other employees, I stayed in Bali on a trip alone for a petit reset in the middle of October.During the golden week, bon festival, new year's holidays, and so on, there are many tourists and travel rates are high, but in the fall of the typhoon season, it was good to be able to travel relatively cheaply throughout the year.

In Bali, I stayed at The Bakunsari Kuta Resort and Spa in kuta area.I was on a cheap tour, but i went for a walk most of the day, so the hotel was enough to just sleep.The hotel is close to the busy shopping district and the beach, and is within walking distance.There is also a supermarket nearby, so it's also a great way to go get some food and drinks.It is also convenient for the procurement of souvenirs, which tend to be heavy.The hotel room was very clean and comfortable.On the other hand, the bed, bath and toilet area were clean and clean.Bedspreads and towels look quite old, but if you ask them to make a bed every morning, they'll replace you with something clean.There is also a pool in the hotel, where you can buy a drink at the poolside bar and relax in the sun.There is also a restaurant in the hotel, it was easy to use when you were hungry.

In Bali, we walked within walking distance of the hotel.I wanted to go out on a day trip, so i got a taxi from the hotel.The day trip and the tour recommended by the travel agency, and i was able to apply only from two or more people, and when I asked them to arrange it by one person, it seemed to be quite expensive, so I decided to finally take a taxi.If you have a meeting with the driver the day before and tell them in advance where you absolutely want to go, they will tell you where you can go along the way.I was able to pick you up at the hotel on the day.I asked for a tour around Ubud and The Kintamani Plateau, which I wanted to go to, but on the way, I took you to rice terraces, coffee plantations, factories where you could see the production of balinese traditional crafts, and it was good to get valuable souvenirs that you couldn't buy in the city.In Ubud, we had free time and enjoyed exploring temples and small shops.If you tell the driver where to meet and when, you can feel free to walk around the road.Around the tourist area, it was hard to refuse because the old lady of the seller sold the handmade thing, but when I tried to buy the favorite one, it lowered the price, and the price negotiation became a good memories.On the way home, i was stuck in traffic, but i was able to see the pictures taken by the driver on the way, and i came back to the hotel in no time.The driver was also fluent in Japanese, so i was able to enjoy it alone, but i didn't get tired of it along the way.Outside of day trips, we searched for souvenirs from Bali, mainly from Bali, for a small boutique walk in Seminyak and Legian.Depending on the shop, even the same product, because the price may be different, it is recommended to purchase after a walk through one street.

I took a guidebook of Bali from Japan, but in hotels and restaurants, there were many places where WIFI could be used, so I often looked at the site and google map of the travel agency that I had bookmarked in advance.The restaurants and shops I want to visit are based on the blogs and travel books of those who live there.I went around mainly in shops that didn't appear in the guidebooks or shops where tourists didn't seem to be able to go very well, so it was difficult to understand Japanese and English, but I managed to communicate by making full use of the point-pointing Indonesian language that was about the guidebook.In small restaurants and public places, there were many places where there were no toilet paper or hand wipes, so i think it would be convenient to have pocket tissues and disinfectant sheets.

Because of the typhoon season in autumn, I was worried that there might be a typhoon, but I was able to avoid the typhoon safely and travel at a low price, so it was really good.However, typhoon season may not be avoidable, so it is recommended that you check with your travel agency in advance on how to cancel and change your reservation.Especially, because the tour of LCC use increases, it is necessary to be careful because the tour arranged at a very low price might become expensive if the airplane is canceled while traveling.