It does not do anything thoroughly.Bali Travel

3 nights around March 2015

We stayed at a resort hotel called Bagus Jati Health & Wellbeing Retreat in the area of North Ubud.
This was my second stay in Bali, and when I came to Bali last time, I visited a lot of major tourist attractions, so i decided to relax thoroughly this time, and i decided to stay in a quiet area full of nature and bali with various activities in the hotel.
As a result, this hotel is nicer and more reliable than any hotel I've ever stayed in!
The hotel is built on a steep slope and is housed in a cottage-like building where each room is independent.There were not many rooms, and because each of them was independent, i didn't care about other tourists at all.When you arrive at the hotel, you will be served a welcome drink in the lovely Balinese lobby.After the check-in process, they will take you to the cottage in your private car.There are many slopes to the cottage, and this is because it is inconvenient.
When I arrived at the cottage, I was impressed by the spacious and wonderful room that made my voice so loud as I opened the door of the room.
On top of the bed there is a welcome decoration made of petals, and the bed is with a tenegot.The bathrooms were spacious and even a spa-only bed.(If you think about it now, the hotel may have upgraded.There is also a spacious balcony with a view of the forest.In addition, the wall is glass, and the light of the day enters the bedroom very well, and it is possible to spend it comfortably.
I spent most of my stay at the hotel because I was the first to relax.In the morning, we took a yoga class with free activities.Yoga instructors teach you in English, but i think it's ok if you don't understand English.The class I participated in was very quiet and concentrated with about five visitors from all over the world.The classroom is fully open and yoga is taken while feeling the nature.I felt more relaxed than any sports gym yoga class I had ever received in Japan.
The breakfast was buffet style.In addition to the traditional Balinese rice, i was able to relax with the scenery, although i had the impression that it was in a general hotel such as bread and fruit.
I was able to apply for a variety of activities at an additional cost, and I participated in two of the experience courses to make offerings to God with flowers and walking with guides around the hotel.
In the course of making offerings, female staff members can carefully teach you how to fold the grass and make your own offerings.I still feel that it was very valuable because it was an experience that i couldn't do if I was traveling normally.
On the course around the nearby village, a young japanese-speaking staff picked me up at the hotel and walked around.It was very interesting to show me the animals i keep in the neighborhood, show them to private houses, and explain the way people live.At the end, the children showed me the lion dance.
I felt a little sorry that I was forced to tip at the last minute.
You can order it at the hotel for lunch and night.You can also order room service in the same place as the breakfast venue.The staff were very friendly and helpful.
There is a gym and swimming pool on site, and guests can use it free of charge.I booked a spa at night and had a full-body massage and a hair treatment pack made from natural blessings, so I could go to bed in a very clean mood.
It is a bit of an inconvenient place to explore the centre on its own, but bali-like and relaxing travellers are the perfect place to stay.

We rented out a charter car for one day and went around where we wanted to go.
I was a big fan of the movie [eating, praying, falling in love], so I took him to the location.It is the place where a lot of important scenes such as the large actress Julia Roberts having the fortune teller of the old man named Kutu tell the fortune-telling of oneself.
When I actually went there, there were a group of photos and signs from the performers, including Julia Roberts.
When I asked for fortune telling, I waited for my turn, so I waited until my turn came, and the son of an old man who was the source of the movie?Grandchildren?I had the man tell up.The elderly fortune teller seemed to be apt to be sick, and watched silently next to it.
The result of fortune telling…I don't remember much about it, but it was a wonderful experience to feel the same atmosphere as a movie.

We collected information by looking at sites such as How to walk on the earth, Bali NAVI, RETRIP, and so on.
There was a book featuring a cute shop, such as a grocery store, so I bought it.

Because there are a lot of insects, insect bites are essential.
Because the sun is strong and muggy, i can't put a hat or towel on it.